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DOCTOR ONLINE HEALTH TIPS (DOLHT) premature ejaculation in man homeopathy cure


2.   Openness about sexual matters has been lost over time, and discussions about sex have become taboo. At the time of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), the Sahabah were not too shy to ask about all affairs, including sexual matters, so as to know the teachings of Islam in these matters.
3.   Muslims have deviated from the path shown to them by their religion and their Prophet(PBUH) .On the other hand, all good values that were propagated by Prophet Muhammad (SAW) are adopted and implemented by today’s western world.What science has found today, Its told by our prophet (PBUH) 1400 years ago.

premature ejaculation in man..early discharge..

1.Ejaculates before the penis enters the vagina
2. During the time of penetration into the vagina
3. Immediately after the penis enters into the vagina.

The researchers behind the report say premature ejaculation is a natural occurrence, especially among younger men and old man , and that those affected can learn to control their response to stimulation themselves without recourse to any drugs or therapies.

As many as one in three men may experience premature ejaculation during sex."Teens and men can understand their sexual response during masturbation and learn ejaculatory control without drug therapy."

Check for any disease that may cause it:
"We now know that about 75 per cent of erectile dysfunction has a physical cause and in most cases it's likely to be artery damage, the average guy with erection problems who's also got borderline high blood pressure and high cholesterol, diabetes, smoking  it's likely to be the arteries."

What's less well known is that the same lifestyle habits that promote a healthy heart also promote healthy erections even into old age, said Allan.

"There's always going to be some decline in sexual function with age. The difference is that while a fit older man with healthy arteries might have the occasional mild erection problem, an older man with damaged arteries will have more erectile dysfunction,"

It is very essential to stay physically active. It helps to maintain regulated blood flow to the pelvic regions. Erectile dysfunction has been found to be more commonly reported in men who are not physically active.
-Try different forms of physical workout such as running, yoga or brisk walking  maintaining the flow of blood to the sexual organs such as the pelvic and penis.

Some helpful hints areas follows:
Method One : Make lot of foreplay with your wife. Most important thing is, dont get tensed when you get early. lie down and ask her to play with you. You wont get result in a day. But in a week, you will find lot of difference. Increase your confidence level.
The review goes on to say that penile-vaginal intercourse isn't important for a woman's orgasm, so in that respect it doesn't matter how long the sex lasts.
"In all women, orgasm is always possible if the female erectile organs are effectively stimulated during masturbation, cunnilingus, or partner masturbation, before and after male ejaculation, or during vaginal intercourse if the clitoris is simply stimulated with a finger,"
"On the female genitals, it's best to switch to a water-based lubricant because if oil gets inside the vagina, it can cause irritation," says Cadell. Make sure to warm the lube with your hands first before placing them in her vagina.  Nearly 50 percent of men and women who have used lube say that it makes it easier to have an orgasm
Start by focusing on the vulva, which is the outside visible area of the vagina, says Cadell. Gently rub the lube around her vaginal lips all the way down to her anus.
Gently part her outer lips with both of your thumbs, caressing them in circular motions for at least two minutes. Slide your thumbs up and down her outer lips until they're spread apart, then do the same with her inner lips. "The inner lips are more sensitive, so use less pressure," says Cadell. "Watch for her body language and for the swelling of her vaginal lips, which is a natural progression when a woman gets aroused."
Finally, gently slide your thumb and forefinger up and down the sides of the clitoris for about 10 strokes. Massage the head of the clitoris in circular motions using your forefinger and thumb. "You may feel it growing as it becomes more excited, and with the clitoris containing about 8,000 nerve fibers, don't be surprised if she has a body-melting, earth-shattering orgasm," says Cadell. Game. Set. Match.
Source of the article::

Method Two : Masturbate one hour before having sex .
Ask her to do the "stop and start" method when she masturbates you.
This technique involves sexual stimulation until the man recognizes that he is about to ejaculate. The stimulation is then removed for about thirty seconds and then may be resumed. The sequence is repeated until ejaculation is desired, the final time allowing the stimulation to continue until ejaculation occurs.
Warm up some massage oil by rubbing it with both hands, then spread it all over his penis and testicles. Place one hand on the shaft of his penis, and start stroking it in an up and down motion, says Cadell. Meanwhile, use the other hand to gently roll his testicles in your palm. Do this in slow-mo for at least a few minutes.
Next, gently rub his penis with both hands as if rubbing a stick to make a fire, then gradually segue into a corkscrew motion, where one hand twists up while the other twists down.
Now concentrate on massaging his penis from top to bottom, covering the head and sliding your hands down to the base—one after another—in a fluid motion. "Do this for about 10 strokes and don't be surprised if he suddenly climaxes because this stroke makes him feel like he's inside a wet vagina," says Cadell. MeOw.
Method Three : Regular sex
Having sexual intercourse after long intervals is responsible for premature ejaculation. So have regular sex. practice makes man perfect..

Method Four : Sex Position , keep your legs wide open, Dont keep your both leg together during sex
The sex position will be like this..., She lie down on her back with legs wide open. Ask her to up her leg (knee bend but still foot on floor and legs wide). You also spread wide your legs and start moving in and out. try this position for few days, you both will be comfortable and she get early orgasm and your time will also get increase day by day.

Go Herbal
-Research literature supports a significant role of two herbs such as Ginseng and Pomegranate(ANAAR) in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.
Ginseng has been found to increase the nitric oxide production thereby improving the blood flow. Pomegranate(ANAAR), a rich source of antioxidants has been found to be beneficial in preventing atherosclerosis
HERBAL TREATMENT:  GARLIC....Crush two or  three cloves  of  garlic  and eat this every  morning. Garlic  is  aphrodisiac,  Tonic for libido and to  maintain  erection.

You may buy DAMIAGRA from SBL in India.


I have already disclosed its miracle cure for the first time in this forum on 21st of January 2012, the link is given below

All those who used this medicine were shocked to see the quick result of 
Baryta Carb 30, the very first dose of this medicine will show you the miracle of this remedy in premature ejaculation. You can use 3 drops of Baryta Carb 30 in a glass of water once daily and continue taking this remedy untill you reach the desired results. It may also be used in 6th potency with same results. Baryta Carb is also known as Barium Carb, Barium Carbonicum, Baryta Carbonicum etc etc, is not only the cure of Premature Ejaculation, its the wonderful cure of Erectyle Dysfunction i have always cured my patients of Premature Ejaculation successfully and never needed any other remedy, all those suffering from such problems may experience and observe the magic of this remedy.

Dr Syed Zaair Husain Rizvi
Jaffar-e-Tayyar Society Malir City Karachi Pakistan

How to make love to your wife in islam and Science.



Business Ethics in Islam - Mufti Ismail Menk
A study conducted by Prof. Hussain Askari of George Washington University entitled *“How Islamic are the Islamic Countries"* showed that most of the countries that apply *Islamic Principles* in their daily lives are not ones that are traditionally Muslim.
New Zealand ranked 1st, Luxembourg 2nd, Ireland 3rd, Iceland 4th, Finland 5th, Denmark 6th Canada 7th. Malaysia 38th, Kuwait 48th, Bahrain 64th and the surprise *Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ranked 131st*.
The study, published in the *Global Economy Journal* might be shocking to most of us but when we look around us and see the reality of the situation, we find that the results of the study are accurate and true.
As Muslims we seem to care only about performing religious Obligations/Rituals/Sunnah (prayer, fasting, niqab, beards, etc), reading the Qur’an and the Hadiths, but we don't practice what we espouse.
We listen to religious lessons and sermons more than the other people on the face of the earth, but we are still not the best of Nations. In the last 60 years, we have listened to 3,000 Friday sermons.
_*A Chinese merchant once said: “Muslim merchants come to me and ask me to put fake international labels and brands on their goods. When I invite them to eat, they refuse because the food is not Halal. So it is Halal for them to sell fake goods?”*_
_*A Japanese Muslim said: “I traveled to the West and saw Islam in practice applied in the daily life of non-Muslims. I traveled to the East, I saw Islam but did not see any Muslims. I thank Allah I knew Islam before I knew how Muslims act.”*_
Religion should not be reduced to Prayer and Fasting. It is a way of life and it is about how we treat others.
Performing a religious obligation is up to you and it is something between you and Allah. However, good ethics is something between you and other people. In other words, if we do not put Islamic ethics into action and practice, corruption will become rampant and disgrace will be our future.
We should not judge a person based on how he performs religious obligations for he might be a hypocrite.
_*The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “Verily, the bankrupt of my nation are those who come on the Day of Resurrection with prayers, fasting and charity, but also with insults, slander, consuming wealth, shedding and beating others.”*_
I believe *Islam* (external aspect of faith) is incomplete without *Imaan* (internal aspect of faith) and *Ihsaan* (social aspect of faith). Ponder, understand and realize this.
Lord Bernard Shaw is said to have said: *Islam is the best religion and Muslims are the worst followers.*
A statement by Nasiruddin Shah before Shariyah court in Pakistani movie ' Khuda ke liye' ,
*"Haram ki kamai jeb me dale hum halal gosht ki dukan dhundhte hai" !!!*

5 home-based small business ideas for the Islamic market 2015

Islamic Market Expert Islamic Marketing & Branding | Founder BookHalalHomes
Virtual assistant
Virtual assistants are independent entrepreneurs who work from home using a computer and an internet connection (ONLY INVESTMENT) and deliver services to clients globally. The virtual assistant industry has become so popular because it helps mostly women become entrepreneurs
The best home business idea is the one that fits your background, skills, interests, abilities and needs.
Many virtual assistants offer secretarial services, but more people with diverse backgrounds and skills enter the market, virtual assistants who specialize in such areas as marketing, graphic and Web design, IT support , technical consultancy or even translations are becoming more common.

How do you get customers? After you have decided what type of services you want to offer and determined your business niche, you might want to consider joining a professional organization or networking group. This will give you the opportunity to network, build camaraderie and have access to upcoming projects.


NOTE: The following facts inspired me to Start my own consultancy business in 1994. ENVO was born.

Why I am insisting on halaal income?
The Prophet said If a man purchases a cloth with ten dirhams and if one dirham out of them is unlawful, his prayer will not be accepted till a portion of that cloth remains in his body.
Tahkeeq : رواه أحمد من حديث ابن عمر بسند ضعيف. Also narrated by In tadhkiratul Huffadh :…

Read more In sha Allah:…/14-tips-to-increa…
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Allah key aakhri nabi Mohammed (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) ney farmaya: ““Jis aadmi ka badan haraam rozi sey palta hai, aise badan key liye Jahannam zyaada behtar hai.”. 
(Book of Tirmizi: Hadees No. 814)

Earning a halaal livelihood

Earning a halaal livelihood is a command of Allah and the responsibility of every man. Hazrath Anas [radhiallaahu anhu] reports that Rasulullah [صلى الله عليه وسلم] has said: "It is a bounded duty upon every Muslirn to earn a halaal livelihood."
Hazrat Abdulla ibn Masood [radhiallaahu anhu] reports that Rasulullah [صلى الله عليه وسلم] said, "To earn a halaal livelihood is compulsory after the completion of other Fara'idh." (compulsory acts)
"And when the prayer is finished, disperse in the land and seek the bounty of Allah (by working etc.) and remember Allah much so that you may be successful." (Jum'ah)

The Prophet Muhammad SAW has said:"Poverty can lead to Kufr."The Prophet Muhammad SAW also said:"Take to trade, because out of ten divisions of livelihood, nine are in trade."

While running a business, one should have the intention that:

       1. I am working because it is the command of Allah.
2) To protect my wife and children from begging and to provide halaal sustenance for them. In this way saving them from haraam as well.
3) I am running this business, so that I can give employment to others so that they too, can earn a halaal livelihood.
4) The way I am going to conduct the business is going to be an inspiration to others..
5) I will not indulge in interest, overdraft etc. and that I will close my shop at salaat times.
6) From the profit I get, I will assist the poor & help in good causes, like organising free health camp for poor (Doing this through my NGO Green Shield), building hospitals,giving needy student their school fees etc.
2)     You can do this by utilizing your expertise to help your friends and relatives. You can concentrate on community work by thinking of the advancement of fellow people in their corporate or professional careers as well and many such ways. Remember, it is never difficult to benefit your friends and relatives whatever your career maybe as long as it is halal.

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There is a popular saying in Muslims "when you work on your afterlife your worldly life will automatically become successful "
To work on your afterlife you need to avoid sins and do good deeds
Sins like lying, back biting , slandering , usury , disrespecting women , being arrogant , insensitive, unfaithful to your family and country . etc
Doing good deeds like praying on time, charity , respect to parents , respect to woman, caring for neighbors, getting your kids properlyeducated to face the world,doing halaal income etc
When a person is trying to do all this then he becomes honest , generous , humble faithful person .. Who would not want to live/ work with/ under such a person .. Everybody will love such a person .. Automatically your worldly life becomes successful .
God also reminds us of our share of this world,

But seek, through that which Allah has given you, the home of the Hereafter; and [yet], do not forget your share of the world. And do good as Allah has done good to you. And desire not corruption in the land. Indeed, Allah does not like corrupters." [28:77]
All the possible misconducts including dishonesty, lying, hypocrisy, theft, fornication, inequality and sectarianism are happening in the Muslim world. Muslims have deviated from the path shown to them by their religion and adopted the path of self-interest and evil. On the other hand, all good values that were propagated by Prophet Muhammad (SAW) are adopted and implemented by today’s western world.And see how successful the western world is.

Islam Encourages Business

The Holy Prophet (SAW) has said:
"There are 70 parts of Ibadat. The best part of it is that of earning in a Halaal way, the best action is to work and earn livelihood by Halaal means. If a person earns by Halaal means then he will get the Thawab equal to the Prophets (A) on the day of Qiyamat."
The Shariah of Islam encourages Trade. There are 10 parts of earning, out of which 9 parts are in business.
However, the Imams (A) always said that a person engaging in trade must know its Masails to avoid falling into sinning.
Etiquette of doing Business
The Holy Prophet (S) said that when doing trade to note the following points :
1. No interest should be transacted (details to follow).
2. No swearing should be done even if one is speaking the truth.
3. Seller should not conceal defect of his own goods.
4. Seller should not falsely praise the quality of ones goods.
5. A buyer should not find fault falsely in goods when buying.
There are 4 Mustahabats to follow while in business transaction :
1. Price should be equal to all Muslims.
2. In question of price, one should not be harsh while dealing.
3. Give more and take less in quantitative measurements.
4. To take goods if returned if buyer does not want goods.
It is Wajib for a person to earn enough so that he may be able to feed his wife and children.
Six types of trades are Haraam:
To buy or sell intoxicating drinks, non-hunting dogs, pigs, dead animals e.g. meat, skins, hides of non-zabiha animals, etc. Other dealings involving Najis items is allowed if a good and logic use of it is being made e.g. fertilisers, etc.
To buy or sell wild animals.
To buy or sell Ghasbi (usurped) things.
To buy or sell goods used for Haraam purposea, e.g. instruments of gambling, etc.
To receive or give interest during transactions.
To sell adulterated (mixed) goods with full prior knowledge - for example, seeling a bag of flour that contains chalk as well, etc.
Types of trade which are Makruh are:
To sell ones estate or buildings, unless if one is going to buy a new estate (It is recommended in Shariah of Islam that one should live in ones own house).
Just slaughtering animals (It is said that in doing so ones mind becomes very hard).
Just to sell Kafan (shroud). As a side business it is allowed.
To do transaction with people of low morals e.g. thieves, smugglers, etc.
To do any business during the time from Dawn to Sunrise. It is the time reserved for the Ibadat of Allah.
To sell grains of foods, because if hoarding is committed then the consequences to be faced from Allah are grave so it has been made Makruh.
To swear during a transaction even when it is true.
The basic element of Interest is the exchange of one commodity for the same commodity with an increase in payment. The Islamic law strictly prohibits Usury (the practice of lending money at a rate of Interest). The practice of Usury is equal to acting with hostility against Allah and the Holy Prophet (S). The Holy Quran says:
"O Believers, have fear of Allah and forego what is still due to you from usury, if you are (true) believers; but if you do not do so, be warned of war against you by Allah and His Messenger" (al-Baqarah, 2:278)
Our 8th Imam, Imam Ali ar-Reza (A) has said:
"Usury is unlawful, for Allah, the Almighty has forbidden it because it brings ruin and leads to the wastage of the property of the people. Everybody becomes interested in making easy profit and gives up the practice of advancing Interest-free loans, though it is an act of virtue to help the needy and to lend them money without Interest. In any case, Usury leads to corruption, injustice, violation of the rights of others and the wastage of property."
The above Hadith clearly mentions the evil results of Usury. Other common effects of Usury are:
1. Exploitation and destruction of the poor in a society:
In most cases a person borrows money because his needs are greater than his earnings. By taking a loan on Interest, his debt becomes more than he actually needed. Furthermore, his needs begin to continue rising in more proportion than his earnings; thus widening the gap between income and expenditure. On top of the widening gap if he had to pay Interest then his position would worsen to an extent where most of his income would be used up in repaying the Interest and would not be paying the loan off yet.
2. Strengthening the rich society:
With Usury, the rich get richer; as a result the rich society takes control over both the production and consumption of commodities. They control the prices of almost all items, even those grown and produced overseas. Two extremes of the rich and the poor, the well-fed and the starving, the powerful and the powerless; are created in the society. Sadly however, these same rich society then misuses its power and influence to rule over the peoples' properties, honour and lives in any way they wish and desire. Because of their financial power, the rich become arrogant, an attitude totally denounced by Islam.
3. Discouragement towards helping a fellow Muslim:
Because of the temptation of receiving Interest in the extra money lying in the banks, one may be discouraged in advancing an Interest-free loan to a fellow Muslim who is needy, in spite of the fact that Allah has promised abundant reward for lending Interest-free loan money and has regarded this act better than giving the charity.
4. Creation of unemployment:
Due to Interest incentive, many individuals keep their money in the high Interest earning banks instead of investing in the business or industries which create employment. Even if the banks invest the money of savers, they would do it in those areas that benefit them, taking no consideration of the benefit of the poor section of the society.
5. Inflation:
Due to high Interest rates on the borrowing of loans, the production cost rises resulting into high prices of commodities. Furthermore, since the rich continues getting richer, he can afford to bid higher prices of goods especially those items whose availability is scarce.
Part - 1 ┗═════════════════✿
┱✿ Deen Ka Aham Rukn- Mamlaat Ki Safaai,
┱ Mamlaat ki Durustgi aut Safaai Deen Ka aham Rukm hai ,yani insaan ko Mamlaat mai achchha hona chahiye, Lekin afsos ye hai k Deen ka Jitna aham hissa hai ,hum logo ne utna hi isko zindgi se khaarij kar rakha hai ,
┱ Humne Deen ko sirf chand ibadaat maslan Namaz,Roza ,Hajj ,Zakaat mai hi samjha hai , Lekin Rupiya Paisa ke Len Den ka Jo hissa hai usko humne bilkul azaad chhoda hua hai ,goya k ye Deen se iska koi talluq hi nahi ,
┱ Halanki islami Shariyat ke ahkaam ka jayza liya jaye to nazar aayega k ibadaat se Mutalliq Jo ahkaam hai'n WO sirf Ek Chothaai ( 1/4 ) hai'n aur Teen Chothaai ( 3/4 ) Ahkaam Mamlaat aur Mashrat se Mutalliq hai'n,
📁_ Huqooqul ibaad aur Mamlaat ( Mufti Taqi Usmani DB)
*Part - 2* ┗═════════════════✿
*┱✿ Mamlaat Ki Kharabi Ka Asar ibadaat Per,*
┱ Allah Ta'ala ne in Mamlaat ka ye muqaam rakha hai k agar insaan Rupiya paisa ke Mamlaat mai Halaal v Haraam ka aur jaa'iz Na-jaa'iz ka imtiyaz na rakhe to ibadaat per bhi iska asar ye hota hai k chahe WO ibadaat ada ho jaye lekin iska Ajro Sawab aur inki qubuliyat moqoof ho jati hai ,Duae'n qubool nahi hoti hai ,
┱ Ek Hadees mai Huzoor Sallallahu Alaihivasallam ne irshad farmaya, Bahut se log ese hote hai'n Jo Allah Ta'ala ke saamne badi Aajizi ka muzahira kar rahe hote hai'n is haal mai k unke Baal bikhre hue hai'n, gidgida kar aur ro ro kar pukaarte hai'n k ya Allah! Mera ye maqsad poora kar dijiye ,Badi Aajizi aahozari se Duae'n kar rahe hote hai'n,
"__Lekin unka Khaana Haraam ,pina unka haraam ,Libaas unka haraam aur unka jism Haraam Aamdani se parwarish paya hua , Ese Aadmi ki Dua Dua kese qubool ho ? Ese Aadmi ki Dua qubool nahi hoti,
*📁_ Huqooqul ibaad aur Mamlaat ( Mufti Taqi Usmani DB)*

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How to design High Rate Thickener


Bottom slope is kept at 1.5: 12 for small thickeners and  1:12 for large thickeners.


Constructed wetlands for sewage treatment

A traditional septic tank or DEWATS will be  the primary means of treatment. The effluent from the septic tank / DEWATS can then flow to secondary  constructed wetlands and even tertiary treatments with a combination of reeds, typha, and sphagnum.
constructed wetlands for sewage treatment

Sewage Treatment all over the world requires large amounts of energy and/or chemicals to treat the waste water.There are a number of solutions to lessen the waste water load while at the same time producing a net benefit. Systems that include the collection of urine to be used as fertilizer and methane digesters that create fuel from feces [see ‘Biogas).Another solution — constructed wetland filtration systems for homes, communities, and industrial sectors — are efficient in both processing ability and energy requirements.The economic and environmental benefits of constructed wetlands filtration systems for small scale use are recognized in chemical- and odor-free treatment, creation of habitat, low setup/maintenance costs of the system, as well as a number of other natural benefits.

In-ground installations are usually of the horizontal flow variety. This means that effluent enters at one end of a bed and flows, horizontally, under the surface of the bed (gravel, sand, etc). The micro organisms clean the water as it flows through, eventually exiting at the opposite end of the container as treated water.
To install a basic bed, simply dig an appropriate sized hole for your application and fill it with a liner to prevent any waste-water from seeping into the environment. The beds should be deep enough to accommodate at least 30cm of water depth. Fill the bed with gravel, sand, etc. Another few centimeters of substrate above this 30cm area is suggested to accommodate the variance in the water levels that result from rains or heavy use of the waste-water system.

The level of the water can be allowed to rise higher than the substrate, and can even be maintained to create a pond like environment by allowing the water to flow on the surface rather than in the subsurface.

Vertical flow systems instead introduce effluent through the top of the container. Gravity then feeds the effluent down through various layers of filtration-assisting substrates. The container traps oxygen and aids in breaking down ammonium. Vertical flow units can process stronger effluents in a smaller footprint than horizontal flow units. Combination systems can be installed to achieve even higher levels of filtration.

Phragmites australis is one of the main wetland plant species used for phytoremediation water treatment.
Waste water from lavatories and greywater from kitchens is routed to an underground septic tank-like compartment where the solid waste is allowed to settle out. The water then trickles through a constructed wetland or artificial reed bed, where bioremediation bacterial action on the surface of roots and leaf litter removes some of the nutrients in biotransformation. The water is then suitable for irrigationgroundwater recharge, or release to natural watercourses. 

Micro organisms
The microscopic life in the bed is a main processor of the pollutants. While living in the substrate and oxygen-rich root systems, these micro organisms metabolize the chemicals in the effluent, effectively mineralizing them. With longer processing times, even hard to remove pollutants such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB), dyestuffs, amines and glycols can be treated. At the end of the first Gulf War, oil polluted sands in Kuwait were treated with oil metabolizing organisms that live on the roots of the plants in the area.

The 4m tall common reed, Phragmites australis, is most commonly used in these wetland filter systems, mimicking the natural habitat of flood plains and estuaries. They have the most extensive root system for micro organisms to colonize. This root system increases the porosity of the substrate in which it is grown, resulting in a patchwork of aerobic, anoxic, and anaerobic conditions. There are many other varieties of reed that can thrive in just about any climate. During the growing season the chemical-resistant reeds themselves can account for about 15% of the pollutant removal, taking up and concentrating pollutants. Take proper care to dispose of the tainted reeds; avoid feeding them to livestock and the compost heap if pollutant levels are high.

Reeds can be good for finishing off the treatment of effluent to help reach regulatory levels, or to deal with seasonal use. Off season use, as in a caravan park, can mitigate runoff entering sensitive water courses while guests are using the property whilst still allowing the treated water to eventually reach its water course.
When establishing the reed bed, weeding will likely be required until the reeds have completely colonized the bed. Ideally 70% or more of the bed will be covered with reeds. The other 30% should include some combination of sphagnum or typha for best results. After 3-5 seasons the reeds can be cut back and allowed to regrow from their rhizomes.

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DOCTOR ONLINE HEALTH TIPS (DOLHT) Homeopathic Remedies for herpes

DOCTOR ONLINE HEALTH TIPS (DOLHT) Homeopathic Remedies for herpes

All You have to do is that You Just email us at following details.
1. Age: ,2.Sex , 3.Query / medical problem:
Our team will contact you soon by email with full confidentiality
Always contact your doctor before trying anything given below.AND NEVER STOP THE MEDICATION GIVEN BY YOUR DOCTOR. This is for information only. All information sources are indicated.
None of these medicines should be taken without professional advice.
Homeopathic Remedies for herpes
·         Apis.
·         Arsenicum album.
·         Cantharis.
·         Graphites.
·         Hepar sulphuricum.
·         Mercurius solubilis.
·         Nat-mur.
·         Nitric acid.
·         Rhus tox.
·         Sulphur.

Healing Diet for  Herpes

Apply apple cider to the affected region, twice a day.

Avoid consumption of refined foods.

Eat foods high in lysine.

Avoid foods in arginine such as peanuts, chocolate, seeds, and cereals.

Drink eight to ten glasses of water, per day.

Garlic is antiviral. In the morning take a tiny piece of garlic and crush it with the knife. Follow with a glass of water (swallowing instead of chewing avoids garlic breath).

Aconitum is indicated in the early stage of herpes. There is a fever, a burning, tingling sensation in the affected area.

Rhus toxicodendron treats herpes simplex lesions, cold sores, shingles, and pustular eruptions.

Lachesis is indicated in the treatment of genital herpes outbreak before a menstrual period.

Thuya has a powerful action against pathogenic agents. It treats venereal disease.

Sulphur treats recurrent herpes.

Apis treats scrotal edema. A sensation of burning pain that is ameliorated with cold applications.

Sepia treats genital herpes in women. Symptoms include pain, and itching of the vulva, a corrosive yellowish discharge.

Croton tiglium treats genital herpes in men. Lesion on the scrotum.

Hepar sulfur treats suppuration of the inguinal gland.

Kreosotum treats genital herpes in women. Symptoms include burning in the vagina with painful coition.

Mezereum treats herpes. A thick crust under which pus collects. There is a burning sensation of the skin and mucous.

Biochemic Tissue Salts

Kali mur
Kali phos
Nat mur

Nosode Remedies


Natural Supplements for Herpes / Genital Herpes

Lactobacillus acidophilus is an effective treatment against herpes recurrence.

Multivitamin/minerals strengthens the immune system and limits herpes outbreak.

Vitamin B complex prevents herpes outbreak.

Oil of oregano has anti-viral properties. It is an effective treatment for herpes.

Lysine helps control symptoms and prevents outbreak.

Echinacea decreases the frequency of herpes.

Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic.

Zinc soothes inflammation.