Due to the lack of time and abundance of Social Networks, as well as their undeniable necessity, I found myself compelled to find a way to post to all of my Social Network accounts simultaneously (including Google+) using Social Media integration. In other words, connecting the accounts with one another and consequently be able to automatically post to each account through one account, or through an app or an online service.

I personally have accounts on Google+Facebook TwitterLinkedIn and Tumblr. But I wanted to be able to connect these accounts together, for free. So after an online research and numerous app testing, I found many ways to accomplish that goal. I chose only 3 approaches to share with you, which will focus on reposting to personal accounts only (i.e. reposting to groups and pages are disregarded), along with their pros and cons listed briefly under eachapproach.

1. Friends+Me

An online service that allows you to use your Google+ account to post to your other Social Network accounts. As explained in the flowchart below, you can see how it's done.
  1. One for All: Recently, you can post to 5 Social Networks at once. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr, all from Google+.
  2. Selective: This service is designed to allow you to post to specific social networks of your choice within the content of your post, by using Hashtags (e.g. #T for Twitter, #FL for Facebook and LinkedIn, etc.)
  3. Native Share: accomplish all that without the need to go to a different site or run a special app. You can do it from your Google+ share space. Which makes that approach work even on mobile devices.
  1. Delayed: The repost process isn't real-time, unfortunately. It would usually take from about 3 to 30 minutes to distribute your post. Maybe even longer sometimes if your posting habit is irregular. This free service is not designed for urgent posts obviously.
  2. Difficult Scheduling: Unlike Buffer, which we'll talk about next, Friends+Me supports scheduling automatic posts that is a little bit more complicated to figure out.
Note: Friends+Me sends posts to personal accountsgroups and pages.
Use Friends+Me: https://friendsplus.me

2. Buffer

A very robust brilliant app and Chrome extension that posts to your Social Media accounts, instantaneously!
  1. Instant: Posts are sent instantly to all selected accounts
  2. Selective: You can select which Social Network account you'd like to include in the sharing process and which to exclude.
  3. Scheduling With Buffer, you can easily queue up a list of posts you'd like to send, and specify the sending time for each post. This is awesome!
  1. No Google+ or Tumblr Accounts: Recently, Buffer supports posting to Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In only. Which means you must access your Google+ & Tumblr accounts individually to share the same post there. It can post to Google+, but only to a Google+ Page. That doesn't really count.
  2. External Interface: If you want to post to all 3 accounts via Buffer you have to access Buffer's interface to do it.
Note: Buffer sends posts to personal accountsgroups and pages.

Important Note: Don't forget to uncheck the "Tweet posts to Facebook" option in your Twitter Profile Settings page to avoid post duplication on your Facebook Timeline.
Use Buffer: http://bufferapp.com
Youtube video about Buffer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nn96A71wdM4

3. No 3rd Party

This approach helps you send a post from one Social Network to another practically like dominos, starting with LinkedIn as the first piece.
Posting Order: LinkedIn => Twitter => Facebook
In the settings page of your LinkedIn account, click on the "Manage your Twitter settings" link, then add the URL of your Twitter by clicking on the link "Add Twitter", then in the Profile Settings page of your Twitter, check the "post to my Facebook profile" option. With that you'll have connected Linked-in to Twitter, and Twitter to Facebook, without the need for a 3rd party service. All you have to do now is start sharing on LinkedIn. But don't forget to select your Twitter account from the select menu right under the update text-area before you hit the Share button.
  1. Instant: Posts are sent instantly to Twitter which forwards them to Facebook
  2. Share Natively: Accomplish this integration without the need to go to a different site or open an external UI.
  1. No Google+ or Tumblr Accounts: If you usually share stuff on Google+ or Tumblr, you're going to have to do it from there.
  2. Non-Selective: You can't select which accounts to send the post to and which not. The sequence has to be in the order explained above. If you know something I don't, please let me know.
  3. No Scheduling: This method doesn't support scheduled automatic posting.

1+2+3. All Three Approaches Combined!

This is my favorite approach and I actually use it according to my needs and post desired destination. The following flowchart should speak for itself very eloquently.
  • Posting from Google+ =to=> Google+FacebookTwitterLinkedInand Tumblr
  • Posting from Buffer =to=> FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn
  • Posting from LinkedIn =to=> Twitter only this time.
Note: I just found out recently about dlvr.it, which also does the trick beautifully. I honestly didn't look into its pros and cons in details yet, but I'm sure it's worth looking into.
I hope you find this post informative. Please kindly share your thoughts and experience to help refining this article and to benefit others the best way possible.

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