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"fix laptop battery"

All you have to do is google "fix laptop battery" (without the quotes) and you can get stuff like this:
-Short condensed version of what you have to do with any battery.
-Very good and long step-by-step guide.
-(same battery as second link but condensed with user comments)
-A fix in a nutshell.
-Scroll down a little to "Battery Revival" and it shows you how to bring back the battery to life with the use of a freezer.
-Website with many links that will probably help you.


Exercise regularly battery

This is recommended for those using the AC adapter for longer period of time. We recommend using the battery at least once in two weeks apart.


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 If i pull out the cord, the laptop shuts down straight away. Can this be fixed, and if so, how?

The Battery didn't charge or detect being plugged in also caused by four reasons:

  • 1. The Vostro 1510 laptop battery failed

  • 2. The Adapter failed (can not charge the battery)

  • 3. The motherboard charging electric circuit failed (many caused by short damage). You can view more info here: Dell Motherboard Problem

  • 4. The laptop bios is too old to recognize the battery

After I checked my battery and adapter and confirm they are good. Then I try to repair it by myself.. My Latitude E6400 battery was fixed by myself.

The first solution :I search in the google: Repairman from another site suggested that while the computer is on and plugged in, to unplug the adapter and then plug it back in again. To check the computer can started charging.

So I remove the laptop battery from the laptop and left the AC cord connected, booting it up on the power cord alone until I was able to boot into Windows 7, at which point I then put the laptop battery back into the computer while it was still on. This worked and while a tad unsafe for most people, I wouldn't recommend you use this idea unless you absolutely had to, that is, if there was no other choice.

The Second Solution: You can download the newest BIOS from and then flash the bios. But I do not want to update Bios, So I use another way to make the Power manager system to recognize my latitude E6500 battery. :)

I open up my laptop Device Manager (usually a right click on your Computer/My Computer) and remove all Dell inspiron 6400 battery related devices from the Device Manager. Then after you've done that, right click again and select "Scan for Changes", which should reinstall the proper services and allow for your laptop to charge again. See the more info in the image below.

If this also can not solve the problem, I suggest you send the laptop to Dell to repair the Laptop motherboard.

According to Dell, the Inspiron laptop battery should last somewhere between 18 to 24 months before seeing a decline in performance. After that, it is likely that the announcement of Inspiron 630m Battery will not last as long as possible. When this happens, you should consider change the old battery with new one.

Read on to learn how to prolong a Dell Inspiron laptop battery aging course.

Step 1: Make sure the replacement batteries from Dell is willing to go out of its packaging and place it somewhere nearby.

Step 2 :Save open files in which you are working. Since shutting down the programs is not required when you change the Inspiron 700m Battery , this is more a precaution than a necessity.

Step 3 : Connect your AC adapter into a wall outlet nearby. Then, connect the cable power plug adapter for your laptop.

Step 4: Turn your notebook and find the Dell Latitude D800 Battery lock. Slide the release position, and remove the old battery.

Step 5 : Install the new battery from Dell just appeared in its place. The alignment of the battery should be easy to understand, since there is only one side that is connected to the pins of the receptors in the Dell Latitude D830 Battery bay of your laptop.

Step 6 : Make sure the XPS M1210 Battery lock appears again in the locked position. If you are stuck in the unlocked position, gently move the battery back and forth to reappear.

Step 7 : Keep your laptop connected to the outlet to charge the new XPS M1210 Battery . You can check the status of your shipment by clicking on the icon in the system tray in the form of battery.

Dell tip for lithum laptop battery

Q Is it easy to install a battery?

a Yes, very easy. First, make sure all open files are saved. Next, either attach the aC adapter directly to the lap or set the system to "hibernate" mode or shut off. Release the latch on the current battery, and simply install the replacemen


e-toilets revolutionise sanitation in India

e-toilets revolutionise sanitation in India

Monday, 28 March 2011, 12:47 IST
Thiruvananthapuram: A coin is dropped into the slot and bingo the door to the toilet slides open,the light and exhaust fan turn on. And after use, in case you forget to flush, the automated flushing turns on and sterilizes the commode too. Welcome to unmannedelectronic public toilets that are making their presence felt in India.
Should the monitering system of Facebook be made more strict ?

Delight, the country's first e-toilet unit, has been developed by city-based Eram Scientific Solutions (P) Ltd. It is part of Eram Group, a company which has operational presence in India, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Currently, there are 16 units installed, of which six are in Greater Noida, in Uttar Pradesh, while the rest are at various places in Kerala.

M.S. Vinod, director of Eram, said this e-toilet is a result of a convergence of electronics, web and mobile technologies.

"It features an automated door opening, power flushing, automatic closet washing and sterilization, and automatic platform cleaning mechanism, all backed by SMS alerts to inform the control room about the status of water tank and bio gas plant in the event of any errors or failures," Vinod told IANS.

An e-toilet occupies around 20 square feet and has two doors -- a sliding door at the front, and a normal door ahead of the toilet.

"As soon as the coin (entry charge) is dropped, the sliding door opens and the light and the exhaust fan come on. Inside the toilet there is a bucket, mug and all other items. In case the user does not flush the toilet after use, the system automatically does all the cleaning operations."

"The human excreta is treated and it is reduced to a sand-like material, which will not have any bacteria and it is removed physically once in three months," said Vinod.

Its unique structure facilitates the display of advertisement boards on its outer surface. This can act as a source of additional income for its operators.

Delight's model gives more emphasis on advertisement revenue, whereas the only source of income in the traditional public toilets is in the form of coins. He said 15 more units in Kozhikode city and one in Kochi are under installation. "It is expected that 2,000 units in Kerala and 8,000 units in other Indian cities are possible in the next financial year," said Vinod.

The price of this e-toilet varies from 350,000 to 850,000 (inclusive of bio-membrane reactor's price).

Bio-membrane reactor is a nano-technology- aided device that instantly recycles the used water and makes it ready for future use, he said.

The price depends on the manufacturing materials like fibre, metal sheets, stainless steel, MS pillars and a combination of the said materials. Electronic and cleaning features will be the same for all variants, but more facilities for physically challenged, women and children will be added to the top models.

Other specialities of this product include efficient water conservation techniques. Besides, the entire waste decomposing is through bio enzymes and reusing the water.

This unit can be managed from a remote location and the system can be closed down, or remote washing can be done through GPRS controls. The average life of a unit is estimated to be around 7-10 years, Vinod added. 

Ways to Keep Your Brain Healthy and Maintain a Good Memory

Anything that gets you blood flowing can be handy.

Stay Active

Staying physically fit is favourable for the brain as well. It is very likely to magnify the size of your hippocampus - the region of the brain connected to long-term recall. Jogging and swimming are a boon for the brain, however, anything that gets you blood flowing can be handy.

Eat Healthy

What's good for your heart is good for your head - this may not hold otherwise but it makes perfect sense if you care for your brain. Experts advise an anti-oxidant-rich diet, coupled with omega-3 fatty acids tomaintain a healthy brain.

Organise and Visualise

Get involved in various mental exercises. Teach yourself mental prompts. If you need to remember numerous different items, try organisinf them into smaller bunches. Take your credit card number. You probably know it by heart as it is already arranged into groups of four.

Play and Relax

Contrary to what some people say, video games don't ruin your brain. In fact, there are several games which help to strengthen and train your brain. Relaxing is also big stressbuster.

e mail marketing

The real challenge lies in targeting the customers. According to the study, nearly $144 million will be wasted on emails that get lost in inbox clutter due to a lack of relevancy. To prevent this, you should read your customers mind by thinking like your customers. Secondly, your brand should get the highlight for which you need to select a good template. The content of the email should be properly segmented based on your customers? actions and behaviors. You should also pick the right day to send it depending on the open and click through dates. You can attract the readers attention by good subject lines and you should make sure that your emails comply with CAN-SPAM regulations. 

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bollywood-actresses without -makeup


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human fertilization


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‎"No misfortune can happen, either in the earth or in yourselves, that was not set down in writing before we brought it into being - That is easy for God - So you need not to grieve for what you miss or gloat over what you gain... Truly God is powerful, almighty." (Quran 57:29)


Dairy DAF with horizontal fat skimmer VIDEO

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How to Auto-Feed Blogger Posts to Twitter

How to Auto-Feed Blogger Posts to Twitter

Read more: How to Auto-Feed Blogger Posts to Twitter |

You are what your father ate!

Scientists have discovered evidence that environmental influences experienced by a fathercan be passed down to the next generation, "reprogramming" how genes function in offspring.
The new study, conducted by researchers at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and the University of Texas at Austin, shows that environmental cues—in this case, diet—influence genes in mammals from one generation to the next, evidence that until now has been sparse.

These insights, coupled with previous human epidemiological studies, suggest that paternal environmental effects may play a more important role in complex diseases such as diabetes and heart disease than previously believed.

"Knowing what your parents were doing before you were conceived is turning out to be important in determining what disease risk factors you may be carrying," said Oliver J. Rando, principal investigator for the study.