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osteoathritis and homeopathy

The two most indicated remedies for osteoathritis are Rhus Tox and Bryonia. Rhus Tox is worse in the morning, but better for first getting going and is worse in cold damp weather. Bryonia is a remedy where the patient is very thirsty and is worse for the slightest movement and better for rest. You could try this and it could really help with pain control.

Also, another good constitutional remedy for both osteo and rheumatoid arthritis is Calc Carb, but I would suggest consulting a Classical Homeopath for this to find the constitutional remedy. A constitutional remedy given in a low dose could work very well.

Glucosamine is also very good,

Anyway, I would try and Rhus Tox or Bryonia,

select rhus tox for restlessness and a desire to move about continually because of the relief brought by the movement. One feels worse when rising from a sitting position or when first starting to move. Cold and damp weather cause aggravation, but warmth brings relief.

 Select Bryonia when moving causes an aggravation.
Rhus tox . Rheumatism wih stiffness worse Ist motion, worse during rainy season, better when continued walking.

Bryonia . Joints are red, hot, swollen. Pain worse last motion better after rest, pressure.

Homeopathy Dosage Directions

Chronic disorders create a challenge for homeopathic practitioners, so patients, especially those with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), should avoid self-medication. Homeopathy is highly individualized, as the homeopath considers details about the patient’s health, lifestyle, preferences and symptoms.
Many homeopaths suggest taking one dose and waiting for a response. If the patient sees improvement, then the patient is asked to allow the remedy to work. If improvement lags significantly or has clearly stopped, another dose is indicated. The frequency of dosage varies with the condition and the individual. If no response is seen within a reasonable amount of time, select a different remedy.

Homeopathic Remedies for Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

Because rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disorder, homeopathy works on RA symptoms by optimizing the body’s defense system. Homeopathic medicines may also be helpful when supported by conventional treatment. Among the most common homeopathic preparations for rheumatoid arthritis (RA) are Apis (from bee venom), Arnica, Bryonia (wild hops), Ledum (from marsh tea), and Rhus toxicodenron (from poison ivy).
Apis (honeybee) is often associated with acute symptoms, especially swelling and tenderness. Joints feel hot and have stinging pain. Apis reduces the stiffness and pain, mostly around hands and knees. Cool applications bring relief, while warmth can aggravate the symptoms.
Arnica is used when the patient fears being hit by anyone passing. Other indications for using this treatment include arthritic pains in the foot that get worse toward evening and a big toe joint that is red and feels as though it has been sprained.
Bryonia (Bry) is used for inflammation, swelling and soreness of muscle tissue, joints and bursa sacs (containing synovia). The joints also are swollen, red and hot. Discomfort is aggravated by dry, cold weather. The pains are sharp, throbbing or tearing in character, and even the slightest motion or touch creates discomfort. Relief can come if pressure is used to stabilize the area. Cold applications often reduce discomfort.
Ledum (Led) is distinctive for helping when the pain moves upward, especially from the toes, traveling up through the ankles to the knees. It feels worse from motion and from the warmth of a bed. There is a tendency toward the formation of nodes in the small joints. Ledum eases hot swelling of the hip joint and can be used when the ball of the great toe is painful and swollen, and it feels sore when stepping with it. The joints may make cracking sounds and be swollen. Cold applications bring relief to both the pain and swelling.
Rhus toxicodendron (Rhus-t) is used for restlessness and a desire to move about continually because of the relief brought by the movement. One feels worse when rising from a sitting position or when first starting to move. Cold and damp weather cause aggravation, but warmth brings relief. Rhus Bryonia is used when moving causes an aggravation.
Other possible remedies include Causticum (Caust), Pulsatilla (Puls), Kalmia (Kalm), Cimicifuga (Cimic), Colchicum (Colch), Sanguinaria (Sang) and Phytolacca (Phyt).

Homeopathy Remedies for Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is primarily due to wear and tear on the joints. It most commonly develops through aging, but can also occur due to trauma to a joint. Many possible homeopathic treatments exist for osteoarthritis, and are chosen to meet the individual specific conditions.
Rhus toxicodendron is one of the best remedies for arthritis. It is particularly useful for conditions that have marked stiffness in the joints, worse with weather changes, and better with movement. Often people who are restless benefit from this remedy.
Calcarea carbonica is used for arthritis that feels worse in cold or damp conditions, especially when the knees are the most painful part of the experience. People who are out of shape and overweight are often prescribed this remedy.
Calcarea fluorica is often recommended when the arthritis is related to past injuries.
Kali carbonicum may be used when a person’s joints have been permanently swollen or joints have been deformed through arthritis.

Homeopathy Remedies for Gout

Gout is a disturbance in the uric acid metabolism and is characterized by arthritic attacks. Four homeopathy treatments offer potential relief of gout.
Arnica is commonly used in gout due to the painful trauma-like symptoms of the condition. Fear of physical contact to the affected joint also suggests this as the appropriate remedy.
Aconite is most useful in acute attacks of gout in the joints of the feet. It is best used during the onset of symptoms. If continued for a day or two, it is said to cure many cases.
Ammonium phosphoricum (Am-p) is a useful for chronic, rather than acute, cases of gout, in which there are deposits in the joints and the hands get twisted out of shape.
Colchicum (Colch) is called for when swelling is highly tender to the touch, appears red or pale, and there is a tendency to shift about from joint to joint. Pain is worse with even a slight motion. Other symptoms of the patient include abdominal bloating and irritability. The smaller joints, such as the fingers, toes, wrists and ankles, are affected. The pains can be so sharp that the patient cannot bear to be touched or to have anyone come near.

Homeopathy Remedies for Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a chronic disorder characterized by widespread muscle pain, fatigue and multiple tender points. Along withArnica Bryonia and Rhus toxicodendron, patients might be given Hypericum. This dilution is useful for prickly pain that radiates along nerve pathways, is worse with movement, and worse when touched. This remedy is especially effective for pain in the extremities.

 Arnica Montana, Rhus Tox, Bryonia Alba, Ledum Pal, Apis Mellifica and Ostearthritic Nosode (OAN) (OAN is a homoeopathic medicine prepared from the synovial fluid of an ostearthritic knee) are some of the important homoeopathic medicines used in treating osteoarthritis of the knee. Another medicine that requires a special mention is Calcarea Flour6x.

 Some important arthritis remedies are given below which are much helpful in treatment of osteoarthritis:
  • Bryonia Alba. – Excellent remedy which is useful in treatment of osteoarthritis, pain with inflammation which is aggravated by movement and relieved by moderate pressure and rest. There is inflammation of joints which are hot and swollen. The patient feels chilly.
  • Ledum pal. – Remarkable remedy helpful in treatment of osteoarthritis, gout and rheumatism which is of ascending nature, better by cold application, there is deposition of chalk stones in finger joints, wrists and toes. Irritable patient with desire to be alone. Pain may be caused by alcoholism, insect stings, and punctured wound. Pain worse by warm applications.
  • Rhus Tox. – Recurring attacks due to getting chilled when hot. Rheumatism caused by damp weather and worse in damp climate; there is restlessness and the pains are worse on first motion, better by continued motion and again worse after moving for sometime when it becomes necessary for him to repose.
  • Colchicum – A general remedy for gout. There may be aversion to food which smells as soon as served. Swelling of joints which may be red or pale. Abdomen bloated with wind. Albumin in urine which becomes black like ink, scanty urine with dropsical swelling, marked irritability from pains or odors. Worse by motion, touch or mental effort. Better by warmth, rest or sitting. Gout and rheumatism in smokers.
  • Kalmia lot. – One can not forget this remedy for osteoarthritis, rheumatism when affection travels down wards with numbness. Pain with palpitation of heart and slow pulse. Pains shift rapidly pain in ulner nerve.
  • Guaiacum. – Rheumatic and gout engrafted on syphilitic or tubercular constitutions. Sore swollen joints more painful from warmth and motion. Gouty abscesses of joints. The leg and ankle bones are especially affected shooting pain in legs from feet to knees. Pains in tibia. Better by cold bath and cold application.
  • Formic Acid and Formica – gouty and rheumatic pains due to urates and albumin in urine. Inflammation of joints which are very painful. They are worse on motion, by cold or before storm; better on pressure.
  • Lithium Carb – chronic rheumatism due to uric acid. Palpitation and shocks about the heart the heart. Painfulness of the soles of feet and small joints with a sense of burning therein.
  • Kali Carb – pains stitching, stabbing and burning character relieved temporarily by cold application and not by rest or motion. The patient shrieks on account of pain. Backache accompanied by great weakness and profuse sweating. If he covers the painful part, the pain goes to the un-covered part. Aggravation after eating and uncovering.
  • Sticta Pulmonaria – rheumatism of right shoulder blade or joint, wrist joint, ankle joint and knee joint. It also reduces fluid in the joints.
  • Berberis Vulg. – pain in heels relieved by putting most of the weight on them. Arthritic and rheumatic affection if attended by renal sticking pain and backache.
  • Chelidonium – rheumatism with edema, heat, tenderness and stiffness. Constipation and whitish stools. Pain is aggravated by slightest movement or touch. The only relief is constant bathing with hot water.
  • Ferrum Pic – rheumatism increased or brought on by walking.
  • Lactic Acid – osteoarthritis with diabetes.
  • Lycopodium – especially used for the cases of osteoarthritis which are presents with liver disturbances and flatulence.
  • Asclepius Tub – Acts well in cases of osteoarthritis when pains run diagonally.
  • Calcaria Carb. – Arthritic swelling, knee pain especially in fleshy people which is worse by cold.
  • Hypericum. – Remarkable arthritis remedy for rheumatoid arthritis has outstanding action over nerve pain.
  • Phytolacca – chronic bruised state of body, bone pain, body aches, pain in joints, worse at night, from warm application. He wants cold things, rheumatism of joints with enlargement of parotid and sub-maxillary glands. Pain in the cardiac region shooting in to right arm.
  • Natrum sulph – when rheumatism is due to uric acid in urine accompanied with gastric troubles.
  • Benzoic acid - pains in uraemic and lithaemic constitutions. When the urine is scanty the patient suffer more whereas it is heavily laden with deposits and is copious, the pains are relieved. The urine in such a state of a hoarse. Checking of these deposits aggravates the pain. The urine contains uric acid forming the red deposits. The pain cease on catching cold and the inflammation of tongue and stomach starts. In the latter case the patient vomits everything he eats. The suppressed pains go to the stomach.
  • Oxalic acid – left sided rheumatism with sharp pains through the lower lobe of the left lung which is noteworthy of this remedy. Rheumatic gout of joints, especially worse from sweats. It may have disordered stomach, salivation, tasteless eructations, burning in stomach etc. pain under point of scapula, between shoulders, extending downwards to small of back. Violent aching pain back down the thigh relieved by change of position.
  • Camphor – pains are felt during a half conscious condition and disappear when thinking of them.

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Arthritis remedy

Symptoms relieved by this Arthritis remedy: Bryonia 4X, 8X, 12X, 30X relieves stiff, red, swollen joints that hurt on the slightest motion, then better upon continued motion;
Rhus Tox 4X, 8X, 12X, 30X a must for relief of painful swelling of joints, rheumatic pain over all extremities, better with motion, neck stiffness, frozen shoulder, paralytic heaviness of legs & feet, great debility & soreness, especially when at rest, pain in joints of upper limbs worse in cold, wet weather, morning stiffness, relief of pain from overuse of muscles, overstretching;
Colocynthis 5X helps with rheumatic tearing, stiffness of neck muscles when moving head, painful cramps in all muscles; 
Arnica Montana radix 6X helpful for paralytic pain in all joints during motion, weary, bruised feeling, worse towards evening, heaviness in all limbs; 
Colchicum Autumnale 6X Helps with articular rheumatism, worse from motion, gouty diatheses, inflammation of big toe, rheumatic pain in joints of fingers; 
Berberis 8X for painful shoulders. Also addresses urinary weakness that accompanies arthritic complaints;
Dulcamara 6X for relieving bone pain, gout, rheumatism that is worse in humidity, cold weather, or change of seasons, exostosis;
Ledum Palustre 6X for person that feels chills, but pain relieved by cold, rheumatism begins in feet, then goes up the body, cracking of joints, trembling of hands on grasping or moving them; 
Ranunculus bulbosus 6X for intercostals rheumatism, pain in ribs, spasmodic pain in arms, arthritic pain in muscles; 
Contains Causticum 8X for burning pain, for dull aches, arthritic pain in all parts of limbs, painful stiffness of neck; 
Rhododendron Chrysanthum 8X helps with rheumatic pain in all limbs, worse before a storm, pain worsens while at rest; 
Lycopodium Clav 10X for stiffness of neck, drawing pain in all limbs; 
Sulphur 10X for weakness, fatigue, trembling, rheumatic gout, symptoms worse from rest, better during motion; 
Includes Ferrum Phos 12X that benefits the circulation and oxygenates the tissues. Ferrum Phos relieves pain, inflammation, and conditions such as frozen shoulder. Ferrum Phos is useful when joints feel hot and swollen, articular rheumatism with fever.
General dosage, slowly chew or dissolve under tongue, 1 tablet 3 times a day.