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Bring 'sex' back into your marriage!

The missionary position. Or man-on-top is said to be the position that's best for getting pregnant. This is because this particular position allows for the deepest possible penetration, making it possible for the sperm to get deposited closest to the cervix. place her legs over your shoulders. This shortens her vaginal canal, so your penis feels bigger inside her.

Raise the hips. 
Elevating the hips, which can be done by placing a pillow behind her, can also be helpful because this exposes the female cervix to as much semen as the male can release. 

Orgasms. Finally, while this has nothing to do with sexual positions, there are also researches that suggest the importance of the female orgasm in conceiving. According to studies, female orgasm leads to contractions that could push sperm up into the cervix. The lesson: have fun while trying to conceive. 
Q: Is male infertility a serious threat?
A: It accounts for 40 per cent of all infertility, primarily due to sperm defects. Sometimes this is brought on by external factors like tight innerwear, very hot baths, smoking, exposure to radiation and toxic chemicals. Sometimes there's a physiological basis-diabetes, hypothyroidism or genetic aberrations.
Q: What about infertility in women?
A: I see many young women who show signs and symptoms of polycystic ovaries, a condition associated with metabolic disorders and obesity. From job pressure to vehicular pollution, postponing parenthood to sexual liberation, fast food to sedentary lifestyle, all have been linked to infertility.
Conception Timeline
A: woman's fertility peaks between age 27 and 34. That's the best time to have the first baby. The best time to get pregnant? Watch out for the narrow window of time during ovulation, two weeks into the menstrual cycle. The life of a human egg is about 36 hours, while a sperm can survive in a woman's body for about 48 hours.

30% more chances of conception every month if a couple engages in unprotected sex at least two times a week.
Myth : Daily sex increases chances of pregnancy
Reality : No it doesn't. It may, in fact, bring down sperm count on the day of ovulation.
Source: The Complete Guide to Becoming Pregnant. Dr. Firuza R. Parikh. Random House India. 2011

Make love often. This is a tough one to do in a relationship because work, kids, and household chores don't always leave time and energy for sex with your partner. But, sex is important in a relationship and should be made a priority. Try making a plan to make love at least twice a week: once during the week and once on the weekend. Stick to this as best you can so that you and your partner know that when to expect intimacy. While this isn't always romantic, you can make it so by turning on some soft music, lighting candles, or taking a bubble bath together. Making love will keep you and your partner close and keep the relationship new and exciting. Without sex, a relationship becomes dull and partners become more like roommates than lovers. It's important to make sex a priority so that both partners feel a connection to one another. By making love at least twice a week, you'll keep the spark a live and help your relationship to become exciting and new again.

Bring 'sex' back into your marriage!

by the time the two of you hit the sack, you are ready to doze off. Very often, sex takes a backseat. Where previously you couldn't keep your hands off each other when together, now you see the frequency of sex dwindling. But have you ever analysed the reasons for a sharp fall in sex?

1.Domestic issues:After marriage, domestic issues consume a lot of your time which normally you would have spent with your partner.Plan a time purely for both of you as you have done in the early days of your marriage.Attach fun activities to your domestic chores. It will take off the boredom." 
2. Work pressure:"It is important to prioritise to be able to manage everything. Do not try to be perfect and too harsh on yourself. It will only stress you out. Sharing your work woes helps you connect and distress." Talk to each other everything thats on your mind.
3.Kids demand attention:This is the obvious, but deserves mentioning. Kids have a huge affect on a couple's sex life. "Nothing goes as per plan when kids are concerned. On days when we plan to have sex, sometimes my daughter falls ill or she insists on sleeping with me," cribs housewife Namita Kapoor. Post pregnancy depression is another reason that hits women's libido. Legal executive Vishal Khattar shares, "My wife has put me last on her priority list. It's only the child who consumes her thoughts all the time. I am so scared to talk about sex." 

Gynecologist Anjali Kumar explains, "Post partum depression is common amongst women. She feels vulnerable and drained out all the time due to the hormonal changes in her body. She's learning how to rebalance her life so it's normal to see her behave erratically. Men need to be patient because she has put her needs as well down on the list. He must make her feel beautiful and wanted and understand her emotions." 
4.Boredom settles in:The seven year itch isn't a myth. There are many couples who suffer from boredom. Content writer Dipti Das 
says, "I am married for three years and we have started taking each other for granted. Sex has totally taken a backseat. Even on nights when I feel like having sex, I am too weighed to ask. So I simply drop the idea and hit the bed."  It's important to give yourself a break once in a while. Share a hobby or start doing some fun activity together.Watch a movie together on saturday nights.
5.  'Touch' plays a vital role in upping the sex urge." GIVE HER A FULL BODY MASSAGE.
6.Dress up: Now that you are married and you have seen each other in your worst moments, you don't need to take that image for granted. Surprise your partner. Women, invest in sexy lingerie if you have not invested in one for sometime. Men, do not wear your ugly boxers or faded T-shirts. Replace them with attractive night wear. 

7.Make your bedroom a romantic nook: This is a quick fix. Clean the mess and turn your bedroom into a pleasure paradise. Spread scented candles in your room and play it up with aromatic fragrances. Buy bedroom accessories in bright, sexy colours like red, pink and purple. Install a nice music system that can, at the touch of a button play some romantic numbers. 

8.Spice up your bathroom: Spray exotic fragrances in your bathroom. Install bright shower curtains and get expensive creams, lotions and bathing gels that you can indulge in before hitting the bead. It will definitely turn on your man or woman. 

9.Shed those extra pounds: Just because you are married and settled doesn't give you the right to let your health routine go for a toss. Indulge in a regular workout to get an envious body that your partner feels attracted to. He/she will soon start admiring your body. 

10.Pay enough attention: Stop being a couch potato or a workaholic when at home. Dump your remote control and laptop and indulge in some pleasure moments with your spouse. Remember, communication is the key. The farther you let yourself go, the distance will keep on increasing. Try a new activity or challenge your spouse - you may see them in a new light.

Happy Ending Massage
The truth of the matter is far more women receive erotic or sensual massages than the public is aware of.
This massage can focus on certain areas  like the breasts, lower abdomen, inner thighs near his/her private parts.
 Logically, anything that increases blood flow to the pelvis increases sensitivity, arousal.
First Back massage:"At first you're on your stomach, so they're just massaging your back, Lightly caress your S.O.'s neck, shoulders, arms, back, and buttocks with your fingertips  for at least five minutes.
Second Front Massage:" Then they turn you over. [My masseur] started massaging my breasts. My nipples got erect, so that must have sent him a signal. Nipple play is also important. "Nipple stimulation is processed in the same region of the brain as touch to the clitoris and penis, so lightly stimulating the area around the nipple (the areola) on both men and women can be very stimulating," says Laino. "It will increase blood flow to both the nipples and to the genital area. And don't forget the abs! This is a hot spot for both men and women—especially the area between the belly button and genitals, says Laino. "Massaging this area can make the pelvic floor muscles contract," she says. That sends blood flow straight to the genitals, she says. 
 He started rubbing me on the pressure points around my hips. Giving his or her inner thighs a rubdown. "The inner thighs, for ladies and gents, are very sensitive because they're so close to the genitals. He never actually touched my clitoris or vagina; it was just all around the area.  This guy was a master of temptation. He would get oh so close, closer... and then back away.
 My legs spread apart almost involuntarily as I waited for him to start the sexy part.
Ok, now that your S.O. is primed and ready, onto the good stuff:
For Him
Warm up some massage oil by rubbing it with both hands, then spread it all over his penis and testicles. Place one hand on the shaft of his penis, and start stroking it in an up and down motion, says Cadell. Meanwhile, use the other hand to gently roll his testicles in your palm. Do this in slow-mo for at least a few minutes.
Next, gently rub his penis with both hands as if rubbing a stick to make a fire, then gradually segue into a corkscrew motion, where one hand twists up while the other twists down.
Now concentrate on massaging his penis from top to bottom, covering the head and sliding your hands down to the base—one after another—in a fluid motion. "Do this for about 10 strokes and don't be surprised if he suddenly climaxes because this stroke makes him feel like he's inside a wet vagina," says Cadell. Me. Ow.
For Her
"On the female genitals, it's best to switch to a water-based lubricant because if oil gets inside the vagina, it can cause irritation," says Cadell. Make sure to warm the lube with your hands first before placing them in her vagina.  
Nearly 50 percent of men and women who have used lube say that it makes it easier to have an orgasm
Start by focusing on the vulva, which is the outside visible area of the vagina, says Cadell. Gently rub the lube around her vaginal lips all the way down to her anus.
Gently part her outer lips with both of your thumbs, caressing them in circular motions for at least two minutes. Slide your thumbs up and down her outer lips until they're spread apart, then do the same with her inner lips. "The inner lips are more sensitive, so use less pressure," says Cadell. "Watch for her body language and for the swelling of her vaginal lips, which is a natural progression when a woman gets aroused."
Finally, gently slide your thumb and forefinger up and down the sides of the clitoris for about 10 strokes. Massage the head of the clitoris in circular motions using your forefinger and thumb. "You may feel it growing as it becomes more excited, and with the clitoris containing about 8,000 nerve fibers, don't be surprised if she has a body-melting, earth-shattering orgasm," says Cadell. Game. Set. Match.
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