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Email marketing software FREE VERSION Mailintegra How it works?

Mailintegra How it works?

Need to send an email to many people but don't want to put in the work of performing a Word Mail Merge or risk having your email being flagged as spam using a BCC? Then Mailintegra Can do this for you.

How the Send Individually button works:
1) You create an email newsletter or other announcement.
2) Add your recipients to the "to" field. or from csv or mdb file
3) You press the "Send Individually" toolbar button.

That's it! Each of your recipients will get an email addressed just to them, in the "To" field, and they will not see any other email addresses, because it's been sent just to them.

Benefits and Features

+ MailIntegra can send HTML pages with embedded graphics and mixed emails that contain both plain text and HTML, if you're not sure that all your recipients can read HTML.
+ Send your message to an unlimited number of addresses 3 lac during one email session with our bulk email software (We tested it with 3 000 000 emails).
+ Save log file dynamically during the sending process.
+ MailIntegra supports handling for subscribe and unsubscribe requests and bounced messages. You can easily adopt it to fully verified opt-in list management for your newsletter marketing campaign.
+ MailIntegra can send HTML pages with embedded graphics and mixed emails that contain both plain text and HTML, if you're not sure that all your recipients can read HTML.
+ MailIntegra Support for importing emails from excel csv and access DataBase
+ MailIntegra supports SMTP email server, you can choose between Carbonl Copies(CC) or Blind Carbon Copies(BCC). Full support for secured SSL SMTP servers, including Gmail.
+ Personalize and merge individual information into any message allows you to create really personal emails with our bulk email software. You can merge recipient's full name, first name last name and email plus you can merge 8 custom fields to body , subject and even attachment.

+ Get Mail Integra Today for Free!!

[ Step By Step Guide ]

Step 1> Determine The Product To Sell Through Bulk Email.
Most of you will likely already have a product to sell but I am sure that some of you out there are attracted by the affiliative monetary benefits that come with bulk emailing.

Step 2> Know The Target Audience That You Want To Reach With Your Bulk Emailing.
Once you have chosen a product, you now have to determine whether you want to send your email to the masses or just to a targeted select group that would be more inclined to buy your products or obtain your services. Targeted bulk mailing campaigns have started to catch on more and more. The response percentage rates are much higher, the flames ( complaints ) are much lower and there can be substantially less work involved. The question that comes up in most peoples minds is likely, "which will I make the most money on, targeting or sending to the masses?". Well there is absolutely no way for me to determine that without knowing the size of the lists, how well they were targeted and how many recipients are deliverable on each list. I suggest that you try both ways and see which works best for you. You must also understand that finding quality targeted email lists is next to impossible as it is very difficult to categorize an email list into different targets as per interests.

Step 3> Make Sure You Know About The Various Issues Related To Bulk Mailing.
The first thing you must know is exactly what you are getting yourself into. Bulk email and bulk emailers themselves are loathed by millions of internet users and 99% of the Internet Service Providers.
Thus it becomes extremely important that you follow the Guidelines of bulk mailing and also have a thorough understanding of the various laws related to bulk mailing. Remember, bulk mailing is only fruitful if it is done in the right manner or it can have negative consequences.

Step 4> Buying The Right Kind Of Email Addresses List.
It is extremely important that you find the right quality and the right quantity of email addresses. We at Mailintegra offer you both - quality and quantity at a rock bottom price. Call 0.98400.66333

Step 5> Choosing The Right Bulk Email Software.
Now that you have decided to use bulk mailing as a major tool for your online marketing campaign and have a huge amount of email addresses, you will need to select among the various bulk mailers that are available on the market. In our package we have included a fully functional program so sweet it bypasses your ISP, can mail 80,000 letters an hour and works while you sleep.

Step 6> Kick Start Your Marketing Campaign
Once you've got a decent amount of email addresses, good bulk mailing software and an internet connection you can start your bulk mailing campaign. Bulk mailing is by far the least expensive form of advertising but it is extremely important to carry out bulk mailing in the right manner.

[ Bulk Mailing Guidelines ]

What's the difference between Bulk Mail and Spam?
Bulk Email IS 100% legal according to all US & Europe laws.
Spam is the sending of unsolicited commercial email while incorporating means of hiding your identity which is illegal. If you have read our Bulk Email Laws Section, you would already know that federal law ( s.887 ) requires that you use a valid return email address, offer a valid means of removal from your mailing lists and fulfill those remove requests within 5 days of the request. Furthermore, you must also make no attempts to fake or remove the headers in your emails.
Bulk Email ( The Legal Option )
In order to stay within federal laws so that you are bulk emailing and not spamming you must:
- Use a Valid Return Address
- Offer and Honor a means of removal from your mailings.
- Make no attempts for forge or remove the headers from your emails.
If you incorporate the above policies into your everyday routine you will meet all federal guidelines. Do not forget that there are different countries with different laws and although their laws are similar to the federal law we do suggest reading them all as they do affect you.

+ Do Pick a good list from a reputable company
- Don't Decide to harvest one on your own

Buy your email lists from a reputable company like ours rather than harvesting one on your own. Yes, there is software available for purchase (normally around $150) that will search certain areas of the internet and compile an address list for you. The problem with this technique is a large portion of the addresses these types of programs try to collect are news groups. This was fine a few years ago. Now bulk email is becoming more common and many people have become wise to this and have encrypted their addresses in such a way that the software programs will not collect valid email addresses anymore. Even if this problem did not exist, the amount of time it would take you to collect a large amount of addresses would not be time effective for you. Example: If you could collect 500 valid addresses a day, (even this is tough to do sometimes) it would take you more than 50 years to collect the amount of addresses you will have by purchasing our package.

+ Do Deliver a compelling message

- Don't Send out last year's corporate brochure

In the world of direct postal mail, consumers expect to receive slick pitches produced by New York ad agencies. On the internet, a more personal approach generally works better. Keep in mind, of course, that the road-tested rules of direct marketing still apply. It's important to point out the benefits of your product or service and include a powerful call to action that compels the recipient to reply. If you yourself would not respond to your offer, it's unlikely that your recipients will either.

+ Do Keep it short
- Don't Go on and on for several pages

On the internet people want information and they want it now. That's why short, snappy pitches pull well than long-winded appeals that tell a story, paint a picture, tug at heart strings or describe your product's amazing bells and whistles in exhaustive detail. If your message exceeds one screen of text, go back and edit it until it fits. And don't try to squeeze in a second offer in order to save money; it will only lower the response to both of your offers!

+ Do Get to the point
- Don't Make recipients figure it out for themselves
Internet users are busy people who receive dozens or even hundreds of email messages a day. They barely have time to click on your message to open it, much less waste valuable time figuring out what you're trying to sell. If you can't come up with a three-word subject line that sums up your pitch, hit the Delete key and start over.

+ Do Give people an incentive to buy
- Don't Restate your everyday low prices

Internet users tend to be surfers with short attention spans. If you want to inspire them to action, you need to give them a compelling reason to purchase your product or service today. Discounts, free samples and limited-time offers are all powerful incentives to get people to respond. Remember: A mailing that generates 100 inquiries for additional information is ultimately going to be far more successful than a mailing that produces one or two quick sales.

+ Do Include a "call to action"
- Don't Leave recipients wondering what to do

It's not enough to tell recipients to check out your home page. You need to tell them exactly what you want them to do. Should they sign up for a free trial offer? Should they purchase your product today? If you don't ask recipients to do something in particular they may check out your home page then surf away. The strategy that works the best, we've found, is to include in your message a special URL, for example, that visitors can click on to go to your site and fill out a form to request additional information. This way you can accurately measure the response to your mailing and follow up on qualified prospects!

+ Do Expect recipients to ask you questions
- Don't Expect to close the all sales in a single message

While generating immediate sales from your mailing is always great, keep in mind that many prospects are going to want more information before they decide to buy. Be sure to have the staff in place to respond to these inquiries immediately or prepare to see your valuable leads disappear!

+ Do Set reasonable goals
-Don't Expect your email campaign to work miracles

In a postal direct marketing campaign, a 2 percent response rate is considered good and a 1 percent response rate is considered acceptable. Email lists, by contrast, tend to generate higher response rates. A publishing client once generated a 13 percent response rate to its free trial subscription offer. In general, however, a 5 percent response to an email offer is good; even a 2 percent response is not a disaster. Remember: Even the most responsive list won't work miracles if the ad copy and the offer don't sparkle too.

+ Do Take your time and start out slow
- Don't Send out 500,000 emails your first night with your new software without testing your ad first.

When you receive your new Bulk List package and bulk email software the first instinct is to send out as many emails as possible as quickly as possible. This is understandable because by purchasing this software you have done your research and know that it can make you a lot of money very quickly. But, you will see much better results by taking your time with the process. Create an ad you like, then let others read it, make sure all the spelling is correct and when you are completely happy with it, send it to only a few thousand people. Wait for your responses to come in. This will let you gauge your response rate for that particular ad. Make a few changes and send to a few thousand more people. Do this over and over until you have reached your maximum response rate. Then send to millions, but not until your ad is ready, otherwise you are letting a lot of potential customers slip through your fingers.

+ Make sure it is legal to own, operate and use bulk e-mail programs in the country or state in which you reside.
+ Never include any information or material or content associated with anything illegal. + E-mail is NOT anonymous and you will get caught sooner or later.
+ Do not send e-mails to people through your ISP (Internet Service Provider) connection if your ISP explicitly forbids bulk e-mail. Contact your ISP to verify if it is allowed if you are unsure. If you violate an ISP service agreement you risk losing your account and/or may be subject to penalties according to their rules. If your ISP forbids bulk mailing you have two options: 1) Select a Bulk Friendly ISP. 2) Spread the amount of mailings out over time and use the e-mail program you are already using to send out mail. Professional e-mail programs send mail at speeds that are too fast for many ISP's to handle. This is how you can violate their terms. Buy smtp from us.
+ Always include an option for e-mail recipients to remove themselves from your list.
+ Permanently remove all those that request to be removed from your list.
+ Do not e-mail letters that contain large files, video files or any extraneous data. The ideal size for an e-mail message should be under 10k in size. This is a basic courtesy only.
+ Never send more than 1 message to the same e-mail box within a short time period. If someone doesn't respond... assume they never will and move on.
+ Never forge or purposely include incorrect and inaccurate header informational fields in your e-mails. This technique may be illegal in your state or country and violates all ISP service agreements.
+ Always supply a valid return e-mail address.
+ Use an alternate or secondary e-mail account as your return address. This will keep your business and personal accounts separate. This is not required but simply recommended.


infoappenders said...

Thank you,
This is really nice trick to send personal emails at a time. As per email marketing is leading on internet. If you want to promote your product you need quality email lists. some companies like provides business email lists, purchase email lists, industry email lists...etc.

infoappenders said...

Thank you, This is really nice trick to send personal emails at a time. As per email marketing is leading on internet. If you want to promote your product you need quality email lists. some companies like provides business email lists, purchase email lists, industry email lists...etc.

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