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Begin your Hajj preparation at least six months before departure so that you will be adequately prepared, spiritually, physically and logistically;

A. Some useful informations (Advisory) for hajj:

1. Medicines: Take medical prescription alongwith you. Most pilgrims will suffer from one or more of the following: sore throat, coughing, frequent sneezing, runny nose and fever. Bring enough supplies of over the counter medication. This will reduce the need to make frequent trips to the pharmacy and also your out of pocket expenses.

2. Take multivitamins daily as you may not be eating a balanced diet there. You may want to consider a diet of water, dates and fruits as this will reduce the need to go to the toilet frequently. This diet may also help to keep you more alert and not make you feel 'sleepy'. You will thus have more time to worship.

3. The Hajj pilgrimage involves a lot of walking. If you don't go for daily walks at home, begin it well before your journey to The Holy Land. This will reduce the likelihood of getting muscle pulls and cramps. The tawaf, sa'ee, and the frequent daily walks to The Mosque will help to improve your health. Do not stop this habit of walking when you return home. You must to be in the best of health to concentrate fully on your worship wherever you are.

4. You are never more than a foot from another pilgrim when you are in Mecca during the peak period of the pilgrimage. Cover your nose and mouth with a mask when you leave your hotel/apartment to reduce the likelihood of infection. You can get a good quality washable mask at the pharmacies there.

5. If you wear glasses, bring along an extra pair, preferably one with a plastic frame. The likelihood of your glasses falling down and being stepped on by sudden movements of the crowd are high. As an additional cover, bring along your glass prescriptions as well. There are optical shops near The Mosque. It is common for those wearing glasses to remove it and place it in front before starting their prayer. Never do this in both mosques. The likelihood of your glasses being stepped on by others is 99%.

6. Flatulence (passing of wind) is an important cause of the loss of wudu. In the crowd packed Holy Mosques, this can be a big problem. Avoid or reduce the intake of food that contribute to this problem. If this is a serious problem for you, consult your doctor. Both herbal and other medications [antacid antiflatulent] are now available to reduce the occurrence of flatulence.

7. It is very important that the pilgrim wears his identification tag at all times he/she is out of his place of accommodation

B. Location map of Kaba in the brain

If I am standing facing the door of the Kaba, On my left its Hazre Aswad , than on my right its Hateem and on my back its makame ibraheem and further behind its zam zam.


To remain at all times focused on the primary aim of his Hajj: to plead to The Almighty to forgive his sins and to bless him with The Straight Path for the remainder of his life. it is the starting point of one's commitment to cast away one's bad ways and to begin afresh a new Allah-centred life.

Sa'ee makes one aware that the Allah-centred life must be filled with "effort" (meaning of sa'ee). It is effort anchored in complete submission to Allah The Merciful that will bring the right results, just as it did for a mother who ran several times from one end of the valley to another in search of water in the harsh desert environment






Tawaf for Haj: one of the Pillars of Haj and must be performed by all pilgrims.

Tawaaf begins and ends at Hajr-al-Aswad (The Black Stone)

Wudhu is required for tawaf

Tawaf proceeds in an anti-clockwise direction. Walk anti-clockwise from your position to reach the starting line of the tawaf.

There is no special dua except between the Yamani and the Black Stone corners (Rabbana Athina ... ).

During the peak Haj period, DO NOT attempt to kiss The Black Stone.

The majority of those who attend the maghrib prayer in Masjid Al-Haram remain there for the isha prayer. Given the packed environment, you'll be wasting a lot of time in leaving the mosque after maghrib and trying to reenter before isha. It is better to remain inside and engage in other types of worship. There is ample time to do tawaf between the two prayer sessions

Farewell tawaf: last act to be performed before leaving Mecca. About the only acts performed after this tawaf are buying some snacks for your onward journey and easing yourselves. Other types of shopping or taking a nap are not done. Therefore, perform this tawaf one to two hours before your departure.




1. Sa'ee consists of 7 rounds of walking between As-Safa and Al-Marwah. One round is completed when you begin from As-Safa and end at Al-Marwah. The return from Al-Marwah to Al-Safa completes the second round and so on. A few allegedly make the mistake of counting the beginning and ending at As-Safa as the completion of one round. Thus they end up walking 14 rounds which is not required.

2. The total distance you would have walked performing sa'ee is approximately 3.15 km (the distance from As-Safa to Al-Marwah is approximately 450 m.)

3. If you are tired after performing the tawaf, you don't have to proceed to perform the sa'ee immediately. You can rest and perform the sa'ee later.

When the pilgrim leaves the Ka'bah in the direction of Arafah to begin his Hajj, he is moving away from The House to meet The Lord of The House. Arafat is outside the boundary of The Holy Land (Haram),



1. Submission to Allah s.w.t. in Arafat does not have a prescribed outward act. You have to be there from noon of the 9th of Dhul-Hijja to sunset, that's all!

2. Some pilgrims miss out from reaping the full benefit of wuquf (standing/staying) in Arafat during those prescribed hours (approximately 5 1/2 hours).

Most pilgrims pray, recite The Holy Qur'an, zikr, and dua in Arafat during those hours


After Arafat, the next Hajj rite is at Mudzalifah.




"Anything that can go wrong will go wrong." Keep this principle in mind when you leave for Mina from Arafat

Hajj Complete at Mina.




Nearly all pilgrims visit Medina either before or after the completion of the Hajj

It is not required to stay 8 days and complete 40 prayers in the Prophet's Mosque. Those who insist on this as a requirement base it on a weak hadith. It has no support in The Qur'an or any authentic Sunnah.




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You only have to ask for it.

All that you desire is just a request away. You only have to ask for it. Children do so with supreme confidence, but as we grow older, we hesitate to ask for anything as we fear rejection.

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Plan-It STOAT - a unique tool for planning and pre-design of wastewater treatment plants

Bartilucci covering all aspects of municipal and industrial water and waste engineering.

WRc provides high-end consultancy services, and have developed a world-leading range of process simulation software.

Our software products include:

  • STOAT – dynamic simulation of wastewater treatment processes
  • OTTER – dynamic simulation of potable water treatment processes
  • Plan-It STOAT – a unique tool for planning and pre-design of wastewater treatment plants
  • GACMan – design and management of activated carbon adsorbers

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    A2/O Wastwater Treatment Plant

    Subject: A2/O Wastwater Treatment Plant

    Dear sir,
    anyway we are working in A2/O also.
    It is necessary to introduce nitrogen and phosphorus removal processes in the  wastewater treatment plants  to improve the water quality . An A2/O (anaerobic-anoxic-oxic) process using immobilized media is proposed here, as a high-end technology to meet stricter discharge standards when faced with treatment space limitations. Fluidized immobilization media were added to the aerobic reactor to maintain a high concentration of nitrifying bacteria and nitrification rate. The process performs well for removal of nitrogen and phosphorus under the condition of HRT = 8 hr, it was possible to obtain an effluent water quality as follows: T-N<8.0 mg/L; T-P<1.0 mg/L.
    Flow chart
                      1.3 Q return from Aerobic
      Q In--- Anaerobic--Anoxic---Aerobic--Settling--- Out
              0.5 Q Return From Settling
    A2/o process is basically adding of  Anoxic zone between Anaerobic and aerobic .

    Dear Saleem


    i am working in tender for sewage treatment plant, where consultant asking for carry the process calculation based on A2/O process technology,

    did you have any furthure information about this process

    plz help me

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    Membrane bio reactor the latest fad in waste water treatment

    The Membrane Bio Reactor Technology is the most advanced development in the field of biological treatment providing treated wastewater for recycling in smaller footprint and under stringent discharge norms.

    Hollow Fiber membranes are introduced to mixed liquor to separate treated effluent from mixed liquor. Membrane being the absolute physical barriers ensures complete removal of suspended impurities. MBR applications include even retrofits of existing systems as well as installation of new systems, for both meeting the most stringent discharge norms and reuse. Treated wastewater from MBR can be even reused for cooling tower make-up, to generate high purity water through Reverse Osmosis and other non-potable applications. This process can help environment protection by treating wastewater and making it suitable for variety of application and thus conserve precious drinking water. Biological system designed for MBR process operates at higher MLVSS concentration with higher sludge retention time thus produces a low quantum of biological sludge thus reducing the sludge dewatering cost.

    Triveni in exclusive association with Memcor Australia, a part of US Filter of U.S.A., leader in total water management systems offer MBR Process. Memcor's MBR technology combines the skills of Memcor's membrane specialists and the biological treatment engineers at JetTech (another element of US Filter's global expertise) to deliver integrated treatment solutions with firm process guarantees such as BOD and TSS less than 5 mg/l and also removal of nutrient (nitrogen & phosphorous) coliforms.

    Biological process fluid (mixed liquor) is pumped to the Membrane Operating System ("MOS"). The mixed liquor is introduced to membrane, along with air, evenly across the bottom of the tank through a unique two-phase jet system. This mixed liquor fills the membrane tank and flows upward through the membrane submodules, creating cross-flow dynamics across the membrane surface. This cross-flow continuously scours the membrane surface and prevent solids dehydration at the membrane surface. Applying a low-pressure vacuum to the inside of the membrane fiber pulls water through the membranes and pumps the filtered water to the next process step. Solids, including organics, bacteria, and most viruses, are rejected by the membrane system and retained in the mixed liquor, which overflows the MOS back to the aeration tank.

    The Membrane Operating System is an assembly with integral membrane modules arranged in rack assemblies, inserted into the membrane tank.

    MOS Mixed Liquor Distribution & Recirculation Jets are designed to distribute the air scour and mixed liquor flow evenly across the membrane submodules.

    This feature eliminates potential polarisation (concentration) of suspended solids around the membrane fibers which could be main cause for the failure and damage of individual fibers thus submodules. Additionally, this feature provides even distribution of mixed liquor solids to each membrane unit, critical so that all membranes see the same process conditions. The return recirculation of mixed liquor ensures influent comes in intimate contact with the concentrated biomass, offering better organism selection and added flexibility in the anoxic cycle for advanced nitrogen removal, when required. This same jet system also acts as an integral part of the membrane cleaning system, providing an efficient scouring of the membranes with chlorine cleaning solution. The integrated cleaning system allows the submodules to be quickly cleaned in place. Additionally, the clean and efficient procedure eliminates the need for membrane removal from process tanks that can damage membranes and present risks to plant operators.

    Relaxation, Maintenance and in situ CIP are exclusive features of Memcor's MBR Process to ensure consistent water quality and complete membrane life. The entire operation is PLC controlled.

    Saleem Asraf Syed Imdaadullah
    Envo Projects
    311/22,Zakir Nagar,
    New Delhi-110025 ,India
    Web Site :

    FMR Vs. SAFF

    The FMR works on the same principle as the submerged fixed film process (SAFF) with only one exception - the media is not fixed and floats around in the aeration tank. The main advantage of this system over the submerged fixed film process is that it prevents choking of the media. Compared to conventional technologies the FMR is compact, energy efficient and user friendly. It also allows flexibility in design of the reactor tank. The advantages of the FMR are many –

    • Attached growth process, with specially designed moving media.
    • Compact and modular design. Requires less space
    • Minimal pumping and chemical cost, low operating cost.

    Fixed media in SAFF is very costly. Its called Bio Deck and sold at a rate of Rs.4000 per cu mtr at Delhi. So replacement or repair is a costly issue.

    FMR is an advanced version of the SAFF which uses a floating media to avoid the practical choking problem of media in SAFF.




    Saleem Asraf Syed Imdaadullah
    Envo Projects
    311/22,Zakir Nagar,
    New Delhi-110025 ,India
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    Those living on the highest levels of life have learned to accept life on its own terms. There are some realities about life that we must accept. This is the key to living joyfully in communion with the heavenly while abiding here on earth
    matter how we choose to look at it, is a challenge. It is the beginning of a struggle that continues until we breathe our last breath. Life is something that we did not request. None of us asked to be born. Neither did we ask to be poor, or Black, tall or short. We did not ask to be a part of one family as opposed to another.

    Life is full of risks. There is a certain element of risk taking that is inherent in every venture we undertake; whether it is in business, or in marriage, in a profession or in athletics. We never have complete security within ourselves. For we know that every moment we live, our lives are in constant danger. A stray bullet may hit us, a car emerging out of nowhere may crush us, and a slip of the foot may result in our death. So life is unpredictable. We get no warning, we are afforded no red alert, and we get no second chance at life.

    And we might as well face the fact that our life is a dying life. As soon as we are born, we begin to die and every day we manage to somehow survive, we have only gained another step towards our grave. Each morning when we wake up from a refreshing sleep, we have died a little during the night. As we go through the streets of the city, we are dying a little. As we go about our business on the job, we are dying a little. In essence, we are living in the land of the dying.

    It will help you to accept life on its own terms rather than struggle against it. Identify and move from the limiting and conflicting, "either/or," "black or white," "all or nothing", illusory perception of life to an attitude that is open to all aspects of reality. We do this by accepting life on its own terms - accepting that pleasure and pain, happiness and unhappiness are all a natural part of the human experience.

    Fighting against life's realities and adopting a stance of negativism only create unnecessary pain and difficulty in your life. Accepting life allows you to understand your frustrations, grow from them and experience life's abundance.

    You have heard people who make comments such as "I go with the flow." What they are saying is this: I accept in life what I cannot change. I deal with it as it comes within the framework of my own knowledge and capabilities and spirit. When inner negatives are dissolved, our outer life will be more harmonious and fulfilled.

    Understanding life helps you make the unconscious conscious; to see your misguided beliefs and negativity clearly, to understand their roots and causes, and most importantly - to transform them. A complete path, it offers a practical, rational, honest, and above all, gentle and self-accepting way to move from an attitude of you versus the world to one of you and the world; from you versus life to you and life.

    Fundamental to accepting life is to give recognition to the supreme life-giver. Whenever we praise God or give God recognition and acknowledgement, it is for life. Whenever we give God a spiritual applaud or standing ovation, it is for life. Think about it â€" Life. God has given us life, something so tremendous, potent, and marvelous that no scholar has ever been smart enough to detail its composition or understand from where it derives its sustaining energy. Life â€" a force so complex that it cannot be duplicated. And, most amazing and thrilling of all, He has given us minds! It is through our minds, the thoughts we think with it, and the impressions we store in it, that we are conscious of living. In short, your life becomes just what your mind makes it for you and just what it tells you life is.

    Few people go deep enough within their soul to realize in its entire fullness, breadth and scope the amazing gift of life that enables them to pursue a lifetime of accomplishment. What a marvelous gift. What power! God has endowed us with the power to think, to believe, to create, to imagine, to choose, to feel, to aspire. Having a wonderful sense of appreciation puts all our petty complaints and frustrations, irritants and negativity into perspective. You live on a realm beyond grudges, ingratitude, selfishness and take-for grant-ed-ness. You enjoy and value each moment and are determined to get the best out of every second.

    Don't forget that God is a living energy to quicken, increase, and guide our own energy. The Infinite Power Source is a living elixir to lift up, sustain, and establish our own spirit. Being negative takes the spirit out of you. What is the point of God increasing your spirit while you at the same time decrease it with negatives? If you refuse God's gift of an abundant life, then you must do without it.

    Our minds, which thinks so ceaselessly and insistently, is the most marvelous instrument imaginable; but it is up to us to control it and to choose the kind of thoughts we think, to train ourselves in appreciating all flowers that come into our life, and deal with the weeds.

    Yes, we must come to terms with the silent and perennial truth that the field of human life will always consist of the good, the bad and the ugly coexisting together. We all experience the good in our lives, but intertwined with the good is the bad and the ugly. Finding the ugly and unpleasant mixed in with the wheat is an everyday experience and each of us has to deal with the inherent difficulties involved.

    But lest we become arrogant, we also understand that not only do we live with and intermingle with both the wheat and the thistles but they exist within each of us. Collectively and individually, we are capable of heart-touching kindness towards one another as well as heartbreaking evil. We are capable of building up and capable of tearing down, capable of great love and capable of seething hatred, capable of horrendous evil as well as remarkable good.

    When you are able to appreciate life and accept it on its own terms, you harmonize your mind with God's mind; with the universal intelligence, power and glory.

    Every day lift yourself up in your own mind, mood, imagination, sheer inner conviction. Everyday, give praise to the author of life and glory in its wonders. Every day do something with a sense of freedom and spontaneity, something you have wanted to do or felt you should do, but have shirked because life is not going the way you want it. Every day try to do something to make life pleasant for someone else for no other reason than the joy experienced from it. Then watch as these active, happy, positive inner states increase and grow, to bless you and transform you, to bless and transform the world!