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Problems, Perspectives and Challenges (IGC-2006)

Jawarlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India
February 1-4, 2006

National Geophysical Research Institute
Hyderabad, India

Jawaharlal Nehru University
School of Environmental Sciences, New Delhi, India

Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi, New Delhi, India

Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay, Mumbai, India

Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) KTH-International Groundwater
Arsenic Research Group
Stockholm, Sweden

International Technical Cooperation Programme, CIM (GTZ/BA)Frankfurt,

Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE), UNE, PySA
San José, Costa Rica

Aims of Conference IGC-2006
Groundwater is the most important source of the domestic, industrial,
and agricultural water supply in the world. There is an overwhelming
need for information related to exploration, protection, and qualitative
and quantitative evaluation of groundwater resources. In many parts of
the world, especially in the developing countries, the population growth
has created an unprecedented demand for water for industrial,
agricultural and drinking water purposes, competing for the same a finite
resource. The presence of geogenic contaminants in groundwater for example
arsenic and fluoride in toxic levels has posed major environmental health
risks of the present century. Several million people depend on arsenic-
and fluoride contaminated groundwater for drinking purposes that
endangers public health. Urgent solutions are required that are based on
quality research and sound scientific principles. Over 99% of the world's
fresh, available water is groundwater; yet, the vast majority of
financial resources are directed to surface water found in rivers and lakes.
This serious imbalance requires urgent redress. Significant financial
support is required for basic groundwater research if sustainable
development is to be a realistic goal. As a fresh water resource, groundwater
has major advantages over surface water.

These advantages will never be realized without the commitment of world
governments to exploration programs that can delimit and characterize
aquifers, perform water balances, map water quality, and provide for
long-term monitoring. Many aquifers extend across political boundaries.
There is a critical need to promote intergovernmental coordination for
developing joint management strategies. Ultimately, groundwater can
deliver major socio-economic and ecological benefits but the aquifer systems
that sustain the resource need to be adequately understood and
responsibly managed. We require new technologies, and management policies that
include effective strategies for water quality protection. Meeting
these challenges requires a serious commitment of funds by governments and
aid agencies.

The goal of the international conference "IGC-2006" is to provide a
platform bring together earth scientists, professionals from chemical and
engineering science disciplines, public health professionals and social
scientists involved with the sustainable development of groundwater

TS-1 Sustainable water resources assessment

- The role of remote sensing techniques and Geographic Information
System (GIS) in groundwater resource assessment.

- Recent advances in geological/geophysical/ geochemical/geotechnical
methods in terms of methodology and interpretation techniques for
exploration, exploitation of groundwater resources and assessment of
groundwater contamination.

- New techniques on monitoring levels of groundwater and contamination,
watershed development, parameterization, assessment and management of
groundwater resources in hard rock aquifer system.

- Geo-statistical techniques in estimation of hydrological variables in
space and time.

- Application of Information and Communication Tools (ICT) for
assessment and development of groundwater resources.

TS-2 Recharge process and artificial recharge

- Recharge process in arid and semi-arid regions.

- Application of isotope techniques in hydrogeological studies.

- Groundwater dating

- Artificial recharge methods, including Aquifer Storage and Recovery
(ASR) for augmentation of groundwater resources to improve its quantity
and quality and impact assessment of artificial recharge on
environmental system and management of aquifer recharge.

- Impact of wasteland development on the hydrological cycle due to
dwindling of surface water in the lower reach as well on the sustainability
of the already existing groundwater structures.

TS-3 Water and environment

- Environmental problems in coastal watersheds (surface and groundwater
and contamination interaction) due to human activities.

- The impact of human activities, climate changes and urbanizations on
groundwater system.

- Soil water chemistry and its role in understanding groundwater

- Assessment of groundwater contamination and mapping of aquifer
vulnerability in porous and hard rock aquifer system and remedial measures in
controlling contaminant migration in soils and groundwater system.

- Natural disasters (tsunami etc.) and their impact on groundwater

TS-4 Modeling and its application in soft and hard rock aquifer systems

- Characterization of fracture geometry and its properties for
understanding the flow mechanism in hard rocks with special reference to
multi-scale level parameters (local scale to extended scale through
up-scaling procedure) approach.

- Lake and aquifer interaction studies and conjunctive use of surface
and groundwater for sustainable development of aquifer systems.

- Groundwater Flow and Mass Transport modeling for the assessment and
management of groundwater resources and contamination in porous and
fractured medium.

- Issues related to model calibration and validation when models are
used as decision-making tools.

- The role of models, modelers and managers in decisions making

TS-5 Arsenic and fluorine in groundwater

- Occurrences of arsenic and fluoride in sedimentary and hard-rock

- Biogeochemistry of Arsenic and fluoride in soil and groundwater.

- Arsenic and fluoride in the food chain.

- Environmental health effects and risk assessment.

- Assessment of social and economic impacts.

- Remediation and management of As- and F-rich groundwaters.

TS-6 Management aspects of groundwater

- The impact of inter-basin water transfer and interlinking rivers on
groundwater regime with special reference to ecology and environment.

- Management of groundwater resources through scientific and community
participation approach with special reference to over exploited regions
in developing countries.

- Gender issues in management and use of groundwater resources.

- The role of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and social
scientists in creating awareness among user community on the sustainable
development and management of groundwater resources

For the details of pre-registration and submission of abstracts please
visit the official conference website:

Conference Chairs (IGC-2006)

Dr. M. Thangarajan, NGRI, Hyderabad-500007, India Tel: +91-040-23434698
(O) or +91-040-27175156 (H) E-mail: mthangarajan @ or
mthangarajan @

Dr. AL. Ramanathan, School of Environmental Sciences, JNU,New
Delhi-110067, India Tel: +91 (0) 11-26704314 or 26704316; Fax: +91 (0)
11-26106501 E-mail: alr_jnu @

Dr. Prosun Bhattacharya, KTH-International Groundwater Arsenic Research
Group, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden Ph: +46 8
790 7399; Fax: +46 8 411 0775 E-mail: prosun @

Conference Co-Chairs (IGC-2006)

Prof. D. Chandrasekharam, Department of Earth Sciences, Centre of
studies in Resources Engineering and Department of Earth Sciences, Indian
Institute of Technology-Bombay, Mumbai-400076 E-mail: dchandra @

Dr. A.K. Keshari, Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of
Technology-Delhi, Hauz Khas, New Delhi 110 016, India E-mail: akeshari
@ or akeshari @

Prof. Dr. Jochen Bundschuh, International Technical Co-operation
Programme CIM (GTZ/BA), Frankfurt, Germany - Instituto Costarricense de
Electricidad ICE, San José, Costa Rica; Universidad Nacional de Santiago del
Estero, Santiago del Estero, Argentina. E-mail: jochenbundschuh @


APSU studies and reports
This page provides a list of different studies and reports supported by APSU. To find out details of each study please follow the links below. Where reports are available, you can download these from the activity page in pdf file format. The activities are organised by type (study, workshop or study tour) and classified as to whether completed or ongoing.

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three ways of increasing bussiness

The fact is, there are only three ways to expand business...
Option #1 – Increase the number of customers

You increase the number of customers you have by reaching new customers 1) with your existing offering or 2) developing a new offering. Ideally you will leverage the offering you have to enter a new market or expand the reach in your exisiting market. Three key questions to answer to increase the number of customers are:

Who has a real need for the product/service I’m selling? Does my product meet that need in a manner that either saves money or provides additional value?
How much, if anything, are they spending to address that need today?
How many of those potential customers are there? How do I reach them? Answering these questions meaningfully necessitates market research. Sponsored Links
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Market research & analysis Distribution & sales.
Market research is a prelude to selling. It teaches you a great deal about what you will need to know to effectively reach these new customers such as what to say, how to say it and to whom.
For example, our company just completed a national market research study that provided our client with the issues and challenges facing its target market. Using the research, which provided a keen understanding of the needs and wants of its customers, our client developed messaging and marketing materials that resonated not only with existing customers, but with new customers as well. Response rate to their lead-generating events have doubled.

Option #2 – Increase the frequency of purchase

The quickest path to increasing the frequency of purchases is by making it as easy as possible for your existing customers to do business with you repeatedly. Another way to look at this is providing additional customer value – and ultimately building customer loyalty. If you make it easier for customers to buy from you, relative to your competition, then you will continue to win their business. This, of course, assumes your products or services are comparable or superior to your competitors.

Outside of customer loyalty programs, here are a few areas to consider improving:

Responsiveness to requests, calls, emails
Accessibility to the customer’s primary contact
Consistency in offering
Follow-up and follow-through on meetings
Accurate and timely billing.
While these may seem like common sense, consider how many vendors you no longer use because they were too difficult to do business with. Don’t become one of them to your customers.
Option #3 – Increase the number of units sold

By default you will increase the number of units sold when you increase the number of clients and frequency of purchase. But you can also increase the number of units sold by understanding how to add value. If you want to sell more products or bill more hours, providing a value-add benefit or solution will begin to strengthen your customer relationship. If you are to consistently add-value to the customer relationship, you need to fully understand how your customers interpret, define, and quantify the value they receive from your products and services.

Here is a consumer example: A restaurateur offered existing customers 20 percent off for parties of 4 during lunch and early dinner. The idea was to add value to his existing clients by providing them with a benefit they could share. Result: His lunch business went up by 88% in one month and by 53% over the campaign. On the frequency side, he experienced 71% retention of his customers when he dropped the campaign after 3 months.

Finally, don’t forget, to see real results, you must start with what you already know about your customers. It is the market research, customer knowledge you already have, that is literally a hidden goldmine of profit that can grow your business and increase your company's top line. It is this customer-focused information that will provide the foundation for generating more sales, retaining and cross-selling customers, and acquiring new customer business. Armed with customer-focused information, you will know which is the best way to grow your business.


small bussiness and internet marketing

In continuing my series on internet marketing, I want to share with you some of the best places to submit your articles to get results.

1. Lists.
There are three sites that currently have lists that are very popular, and will get you included in these highly popular sites:

Yahoo Groups
MSN Groups
Google Groups

To find groups to list your articles, I recommend that you do a keyword search on each one using the keyword of your topic plus “article lists”. This should yield you good results as this is what I do.

You can also browse the categories.

I’ve had the best luck with Yahoo Groups, so here are some groups that I recommend:

The Write Articles - This is a group that I own that I am the moderator for. A top ranked site recently contacted me, and our RSS feed will be featured on their site, and this will give the writers on this list a lot of free publicity. This group accepts small business, internet marketing, copywriting, website building, computer, and writing articles.

These highly popular groups belong to Shelley Lowery. They get a lot of traffic, and she focuses on different topics. Please make sure you read the guidelines. Otherwise, Shelley will reject your articles.

Article Announce - Writer & Publisher Exchange is the first and ORIGINAL article announcement list. This announcement list includes all article submissions.

Article Announce Home - Home and Family oriented articles.

Article Announce Health - Health and Fitness oriented articles.

Article Announce General - General Interest oriented articles.

Article Announce Internet - Internet oriented articles.

There are many others. These will get you started and put your articles in front of thousands of publishers.

2. Article Directories
With article directories, it’s as simple as doing a search in your favorite search engine to find these directories. Here are some of my favorites, and they’re all highly ranked:

Article City
Go Articles
Click for Content
Ezine Articles
Idea Marketers

Many of these sites require an account, but it’s free.

3. Forums
Forums are often overlooked as a place to promote your articles, but they can be very effective. Like article directories, all you have to do is a search in your category combined with the search term “forums”, to help you find what you are looking for.

Here are a couple of forums I recommend that deal with internet marketing, and they accept articles:

Warrrior’s Forum

Forums normally require that you sign up for an account, but it’s free.

4. Individual Sites
Finally, if you surf as much as I do, you’ll find a ton of sites out there that accept articles. The important thing here is to do your research, keep a bookmark file, and every time you find a site that you can submit articles to, bookmark it.

Read the publisher’s guidelines. You are more likely to get your article accepted if you study the guidelines before posting.

Remember, this technique will not only help you with the search engines, but it will brand you as an expert in your field, and it will drive traffic to your site, as well as building relationships, which will make you sales.

Little Agreement on Spyware Guidelines

By ANICK JESDANUN, AP Internet Writer
1 hour, 38 minutes ago

NEW YORK - Many anti-spyware programs scour computer hard drives for those data-tracking files called cookies that we often get from Web visits. Microsoft Corp.'s tool does not. And there are disputes aplenty about whether certain widely used advertising programs circulating on the Internet are clean of spyware.


No surprise, then, that there's little agreement on what should be considered spyware, and what adware is exactly. Or on whether adware, which delivers ads, is a form of spyware or a breed apart.

Consumers are confounded. Is their computer-cleaning overzealous or not thorough enough? Are they removing useful programs with the dreck?

No less vexed are makers of anti-spyware software. They're beset by legal headaches, constantly challenged for what their products define and target as malware.

"It certainly distracts us from the job at hand," said David Moll, chief executive of Webroot Software Inc.

Help may be on the way. Led by the tech-advocacy group Center for Democracy and Technology, the anti-spyware industry is crafting definitions and plans to eventually set up dispute-resolution procedures. A draft is expected by late summer.

"A definition is the foundation," said Ari Schwartz, the center's associate director. "If a consumer's going to make a decision in the marketplace about what they have and what software they are going to use, it's helpful to have a basis to do that on."

Similar efforts, however, have failed before.

Part of the challenge stems from how the term "spyware" evolved.

"It started out as being called spyware because a lot of it was spying on people and sending personal information," said Dave Methvin, chief technology officer with tech diagnostic site PC Pitstop. "It's a catchy, quick word that is always easy for people to understand and say."

But the term stuck even as some of these programs, in response to consumer complaints, began sending back less data and became less sneaky.

In some people's minds, spyware came to include programs that change Web browser settings without asking or trick users into racking up huge phone bills by making the equivalent of "900" calls to foreign porn sites.

"`Spyware' has sort of become the euphemism for any software I don't want," said Wayne Porter, co-founder of

The result is chaos.

Microsoft, for instance, chose not to scan cookies because many sites need them to remember passwords and otherwise customize a surfer's experience. Cory Treffiletti of the online ad agency Carat Interactive says cookies help sites identify repeat visitors so the same ads aren't shown over and over.

But other spyware hunters flag cookies on the grounds that they help advertisers track behavior. EarthLink Inc.'s Scott Mecredy says anti-spyware programs have gotten sophisticated enough to distinguish good cookies from bad.

Then there's the question of whether "spyware" includes adware.

Claria Corp., formerly known as Gator Corp., has sued several anti-spyware companies and Web sites for calling its advertising software "spyware." PC Pitstop rewrote some of its materials as part of a settlement.

Even "adware" isn't good enough for some.

Joseph Telafici, director of operations for McAfee Inc.'s security research unit, says the company now gets one or two complaints a week, compared with two or three per quarter last year from companies whose programs it has dubbed spyware or adware.

McAfee is in the process of assigning a full-time lawyer.

Symantec Corp. sought to pre-empt a lawsuit by filing one itself, asking a federal court to declare that it had the right to call Inc.'s toolbar adware. Hotbot did not respond to requests for comment.

Symantec still faces a lawsuit by Trekeight LLC, whose product Symantec brands adware.

Though it has yet to sue, 180solutions Inc. takes issue with "adware," preferring "searchware" or "sponsorware." "Adware" has become too linked with bad actors, and the industry needs more differentiation, said its chief executive, Keith Smith. Most anti-spyware vendors, however, still put 180solutions in that category.

Aluria Software LLC says one company, Inc., has changed its practices enough that it is now spyware- and adware-safe.

But America Online Inc., though it uses Aluria's technology, prefers a different test: What its users think.

AOL found that users overwhelmingly choose to rid their computers of WhenU's SaveNow application when anti-spyware scans uncover it, so AOL continues to list as adware.

Adding to the confusion is the fact that many legitimate programs — including Microsoft Corp.'s Windows operating system and Web browser — send out data without making the user fully aware, one of the common attributes of spyware.

And many programs that spy do have legitimate functions — people may run a keystroke recorder to monitor spouses whom they suspect of cheating. Or they may willingly accept adware in exchange for a free game or screensaver.

Anti-spyware software companies say they leave removal decisions to customers, though many users simply follow their recommendations, failing to distinguish the mild from the malicious.

"If an anti-spyware company recommends that the software (gets) blocked, consumers will typically block it," said Keith Smith, chief executive of 180solutions. "It doesn't matter how good an experience they have with it."

Alex St. John, chief executive of WildTangent Inc., says anti-spyware companies have an incentive to overlist programs: It makes their products appear effective. Better definitions, he said, would help clear his company's game-delivery product.

"We want to do anything under our power to be clearly defined as a legitimate, upright consumer company," he said. "We would love to have something to adhere to."

Guidelines could give anti-spyware vendors a better defense.

For consumers, said Tori Case of Computer Associates International Inc., "if we start using the correct terminology, we can demystify it a bit and help people understand what the real risks are."

Mass worm attack could be imminent

Mass worm attack could be imminent

By Joris Evers, Special to ZDNet

24 June 2005 Add your opinion

Forward in Format for

A surge in scanning on a port associated with a Windows flaw patched last week suggests that a mass worm attack may be imminent, experts have said.
A rise in activity on TCP Port 445 could be a sign that hackers are trying to exploit a flaw in the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol, Gartner analyst John Pescatore said Thursday in the US.

"Increased scanning does not always mean an attack will happen, but it greatly increases the odds that one will," Pescatore said. "I don't think this has a high probability of a worm, but if people get lax about patching the odds of worms goes way, way up."

Like would-be burglars knocking on doors looking for a likely target, Internet intruders sometimes scan random computers to see if a particular network port is available, as a precursor to attack.

TCP Port 445 is used by SMB, which Windows uses to share files, printers, serial ports and also to communicate between computers. Microsoft recently released a fix for the "critical" vulnerability in the protocol as part of its monthly patch cycle.

Increased port scanning has preceded major worm outbreaks in the past, Pescatore said. Alfred Huger, a senior director at Symantec Security Response, also said that a worm could be on its way.

Users should patch their systems as soon as possible, they both said.

However, Pescatore and Huger also noted that port scanning by suspected hackers is common after Microsoft discloses vulnerabilities. Furthermore, this particular Windows flaw is not easy to exploit, so the scanning may not be an ominous sign at all.

Symantec saw a spike in scanning on TCP Port 445 last week, but the probing of the port has since gone back to normal levels, Huger said. "I don't think we should be screaming the barn is burning by any means," he said.

Microsoft is not aware of any active attempts to exploit any Microsoft vulnerabilities via TCP Port 445, a company representative said Thursday in the US. Also, the software maker has not received any indication of malicious activity

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OK

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


saleemasraf:: having problem with my heartsmhsab: dr dekhaisa naisaleemasraf: today also i went to MAX healthcare for checkupsmhsab: ki hoisesaleemasraf: its d same problem that plagued me three yrs backsmhsab: blockage?saleemasraf: angina pain and suffocationsaleemasraf: yah blockagesmhsab: u were operated nasaleemasraf: so i am not going out anywhere smhsab: oksaleemasraf: i am not operated yetsmhsab: oksaleemasraf: and pls pray that operation never takes place on mesmhsab: oksmhsab: reiki koribo paru nesmhsab: tumartu bishakh naisaleemasraf: i am on strict diet and life style change 4 d last 3 yrssaleemasraf: i believe in REIKIsaleemasraf: and TOHSIN DID SOMETHING TWO YRS backsmhsab: tetiya hole koribo paru nesaleemasraf: and he told me that there is no problem in my heartsmhsab: what he saidsaleemasraf: minu baity, if u try something for me, i will b highly obligedsaleemasraf: he said there is some problem in the throat regionsmhsab: then can i start from tomorrowsaleemasraf: not in d heart regionsaleemasraf: he also took permission from me two yrs backsaleemasraf: also he took help from his master some pankajsaleemasraf: they tried distant reikismhsab: so now may i try?saleemasraf: yah suresaleemasraf: definitelysaleemasraf: what i should dosmhsab: if u agree be ready to receive at 9:30pm tomorrowsaleemasraf: yah sure, at that what i should dosaleemasraf: at that time what i should dosaleemasraf: anything specialsmhsab: u need not do anything just be at home and think that minu baity is doing reiki on me and I am cured whole and completesmhsab: think tht ur getting well baassaleemasraf: any asana ?saleemasraf: tohsin told me to lie down at the time and relax smhsab: nothing, just relax, if u want go to sleepsaleemasraf: oksmhsab: time is given coz mostly people feel sleepy so they should not be driving or they should not be near hazardous areasaleemasraf: oksaleemasraf: than i will save money on my sleeping tabletssaleemasraf: smhsab: 9:30pm is ur receiving time , it may not be my sending timesmhsab: reiki can be programmedsaleemasraf: wowsaleemasraf: computer kahan se aa gayasmhsab: ok i am going now, saleemasraf: byesmhsab: hungrysaleemasraf: so when u come 2 chat tomorosmhsab: u know reiki is an intelligent energysaleemasraf: yahsaleemasraf: also know that u r good at itsmhsab: reiki is never given by mesaleemasraf: my mother says sosmhsab: it is you who draws itsaleemasraf: how?smhsab: u just hv to be in the accepting modesaleemasraf: whether u do something or not?smhsab: better still , u sleepsmhsab: i will do onlysaleemasraf: ok u pls go 2 eatsmhsab: i always dosmhsab: oksmhsab: gud nitesmhsab: byesaleemasraf: byesmhsab: Whaaadddup?!

Monday, June 13, 2005


Calculation for EXTRACT FANS:
Volume OF ROOM (Cu Mtr)
AIR MOVEMENT (cu mtr/Hr)
Model Of Fan
Number of FANS
GPN45043,18 inch dia,372 watt,7000 cu mtr/hr
7 nos
Boiler houses/kitchen/dark rooms/
BVN61063,24 inches,500watt,10450 cu mtr/hr
9 nos
12 Nos
Laboratory/office/bank/assembly hall
GPN30061,12 inch,1200 cu mtr/hr
2 Nos
FREE AIR FLOW(cu mtr/Hr)

Sunday, June 12, 2005


Oct 20, 2003, 09:33 PM
Help911, usually, with no TCP/IP internet connection such as through a DSL modem and/or router, you can connect 2 pcs together using a cross-over CAT5 RJ45 cable or a hub with an uplink port to connect a non cross-over CAT5 cable.A pre-made CAT5 cross-over cable is much easier to use (and buy, too, rather than making it yourself), which you can easily buy at your local computer store. And it's pretty INexpensive, too. ;)

connecting PC to laptop

Sep 9, 2003, 12:34 AM
I would like to connect my LAptop to my Desktop at home.I know we should use a cross-over cable to connect the Ethernet ports. But i have no clue as to what are the steps / procees i should follow to mak this connection happen.I would like to have the step by step procedure as what is to be done in each of the units to connect the PC to Laptp.If ther is any website which tells the same pls direct me to the same.

hi ,usually in cat5E cable there are four pairs of cable.colours are as follows:(orange & white orange)(brown & white brown)(green & white green)(blue & white blue)take the rj45 connector and the splice one end of cat5 cable insert into the connector according to the colour code given below either from left to right or from right to left.1)white orange2)orange3)white green4) blue5)white blue6)green7) white brown8) brownwith the other spliced end of the cable ,just interchange the cable connections i.e1)white green2)green3)white orange4)blue5)white blue6)orange7)white brown8)brownnow ur cross cable is ready to transfer data and communicate between two pc's without any modem or hub or any wirless communication device.
May 29, 2004, 07:40 AM
go to radio shack and purchase a cross-over cable (they shouldn't be more than about $10 for a simple 5' cable. if you know how to SOHO network a few compputers to a hub, then the idea is the same except you are not using a hub and you are limited to just two computers. connect the two computers and decide which will be the gateway, run the netwoprk setup wizard on that first and it should be assigned the automatically, if not the r click the network icon and choose properties and manually set it's address as such, and subnet should read the default and the gateway will read back to itself if you input after that is done then you do the same with the other computer but make sure the address is and reads from the gateway of if you are using ME or other then you might have to input the name of the computer for the gateway, xp won't ask you that. if you have any firewalls, you might want to manuall;y configure to allow for the two IPs ( & if you still have trouble check your firewall setting for trusted zones (networked computers not internet zones) and also check your internet options securities. if you still get problems then email at: and I will walk you through it. I like to build my own cat5 but if you are not used to doing it often with success you are better off buying one that is professionally made so that you know that your problems with connecting are not because you messed up on the rj45 plug.YWAM Barbados

chat with peekaymast

saleemasraf: hisaleemasraf: still in bengali deshpeekaymast: hi long time..peekaymast: oh yeah..saleemasraf: yahpeekaymast: Dear , need a professional help..saleemasraf: masli wasli khaya hai aapnepeekaymast: i wanna move from here..saleemasraf: boliyepeekaymast: besumar!!!!saleemasraf: whatpeekaymast: lukin out for some openings in dev sector..any lead??peekaymast: Problem is, my familyis not willing to join me ..rather they asking me to get i have no option..saleemasraf: in india?peekaymast: of course...and Delhi is bettersaleemasraf: yahsaleemasraf: what kinda job u wntpeekaymast: see am a Phd in sociology and have been working for 3 yrs now..saleemasraf: sociologypeekaymast: k..i will send u a CV of id plz?peekaymast: yup.saleemasraf: r u working for NGO?saleemasraf: for u dev sector means what?peekaymast: i worked for UNDP in its disaster mitigationcell.peekaymast: then in a national NGO called SAFHI based in calcutta for 2 yrssaleemasraf: why not try CSEpeekaymast: Now into evaluation and dev rresearch .peekaymast: CSE??saleemasraf: centre for science and envpeekaymast: would like to get into direct implementation..saleemasraf: u can always send ur cv 2 thempeekaymast: do i ?saleemasraf: go 2 their web sitepeekaymast: who are they? website?saleemasraf: www.cse.orgpeekaymast: k..thnxpeekaymast: depends, if they have any requirementsaleemasraf: aslan centre for organisational research, 26410616saleemasraf: green peach 26167621/26167624saleemasraf: world env congress 26865084/26967514peekaymast: hold on..saleemasraf: national env authority 24365627/24365631peekaymast: what do i do with the nos now??saleemasraf: u tell ur people in india to contact thempeekaymast: this is a different kinda website...r u sure u gave me right one?peekaymast: i seepeekaymast: Can i leave a CV with you ?/saleemasraf: they are all based in delhipeekaymast: am not so much into environment yeat..rather social developmentsaleemasraf: sir, i dont have all the infrastructure to process ur cvsaleemasraf: otherwise i would definitely like 2 help u outpeekaymast: o i cpeekaymast: may be a lead to a key person..who can..saleemasraf: ur cv will adore my drawer saleemasraf: in the deskpeekaymast: that sounds more pragmaticpeekaymast: any proactive query for a job in these places do not really carry much weightsaleemasraf: yahpeekaymast: unless its from the other side..saleemasraf: yespeekaymast: or else, if u know someone who can push a bit..saleemasraf: but u can always leave ur cvpeekaymast: its a very very informal sector..peekaymast: have been doing thatsaleemasraf: and tell ur relativews to push for usaleemasraf: they are the one who wants u back nasaleemasraf: so its their probsaleemasraf: otherwise u r happy their eating masli
peekaymast: ha ha,,peekaymast: my relatives are poor guys from Orissa...peekaymast: There is much more beyond Machhli , dear!!saleemasraf: aaj kaal pooor guys are happysaleemasraf: they dont have to pay taxespeekaymast: Food habit here in dhaka is not the same as Kolkata Bengaliespeekaymast: ha ha..

Thursday, June 09, 2005


Advanced Email Extractor (AEE) is designed to extract e-mail addresses from web-pages on the Internet (using HTTP and HTTPS protocols) and from HTML and text files on local disks. AEE supports operation through a proxy-server and works very fast, as it is able of loading several pages simultaneously, and requires very few resources. It is possible to launch AEE in fully automatic mode through the command prompt.
view full-size screenshot
AEE has various limiters of scanning range, using which you can extract only the addresses you actually need from web-pages, instead of extracting all the addresses present there. You can not only limit scanning depth and width, you also can cut off unnecessary paths using patterns or just delete them from jobs list during operation. AEE is very flexible and may be used to extract e-mail addresses with owners real names from "simple sites" as well as from web-forums built on scripts and from servers like ZDNet. Also you can use popular search engines (AltaVista, Excite, Yahoo, InfoSeek and others, including UK, German, French, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Taiwanese, Chinese, Hong-Kong, Dutch, Brazilian, Portuguese, Finnish, Canadian, Danish, Russian, Czech, Israelitish, Greek, Australian, New Zealand and Estonian engines) for search by keywords.
Advanced Email Extractor is built on Microsoft Internet Explorer kernel and therefore features unmatched compatibility with all web-servers and has knowledge of all subtleties of HTTP and HTPS protocols. Also, AEE have built-in internal HTML parser, and you can use it instead of Microsoft HTML parser.
Key features which are not available in other email extractors:
330+ search engines from 36 countries
two HTML parsers — Microsoft parser and built-in parser
scripting technology to process found emails on fly
very flexible plugins technology
flexible limiters of scanning range
command line mode to automize your work

Wednesday, June 08, 2005



What does "low level formatting" an ATA (IDE) drive mean?Actually the term "low level" is a bit of a misnomer. The low level process first used years ago in MFM hard drives bears little resemblance to what we now call a "low level format" for today's ATA (IDE) drives. The only safe method of initializing all the data on a Seagate device is the Zero Fill option in DiscWizard Starter Edition.Why would I want to Zero Fill my drive?The most common reasons to Zero Fill an ATA (IDE) hard drive are:
The drive has contracted a virus that cannot be removed without destroying the boot sector.
You are changing from one operating system to another and wish to remove everything from the drive.
How do I low Zero Fill my drive?
Zero Filling an ATA (IDE) drive destroys 100% of the data on the drive. Make sure the drive is completely backed up before proceeding.
The Zero Fill option in DiscWizard Starter Edition is the only safe method for use with Seagate hard drives. Some system BIOSs may include a Low Level Format option; use these at your own risk, as this may produce undesirable results.
DiscWizard Starter Edition can be downloaded as a part of the DiscWizard package. It includes two Zero Fill options, partitioning options, and high-level formatting options. Zero Fill writes zeros in each data sector up to the complete capacity of the drive and will clean up some file system defects.
The download routine for DiscWizard Starter Edition creates a bootable diskette. Boot from the diskette to start DiscWizard Starter Edition. After startup, select Utilities Zero Fill Drive (Quick) or Zero Fill Drive (Full). Select the drive you want to erase, then select Zero Fill or Low Level.
Zero Fill Drive (Quick) will write over the beginning of the drive which includes the critical partition information, eliminating all partitions and information on the drive including the Master boot record. This is useful if you have a drive that has a corrupted partition or that you wish to erase to reinstalll a fresh operating system and new data.
Zero Fill Drive (Full) will write over the entire data area of the drive. This is useful if a drive has bad sectors that cannot be fixed by the operating system. This will also erase all the data on the drive, but it will take several hours. When the process completes, reboot the system from the operating system install CD and follow the instructions to prepare (partition and format) the drive and install the operating system.


Hard disk low level format
Important drive information (servo, sector layout, and defect management, etc.) is stored in the low-level format at the factory. This information is designed to last the life of the drive and therefore it is not possible to low level the drive outside the factory. Although some drive manufactures and BIOS provided so-called "low level format utilities", they actually perform a write-read verify of the drive’s user data sectors, and do not actually perform a low-level format. In the event of a corrupted master boot record or boot block virus, use FDISK /MBR command to restore the master boot record.If you need to low level format your hard drive then check the drive manufacturer and download such an utility from its website. Every drive manufacturer provides just such a utility. Here is a list of hard drive manufacturers with a links to low level format utilities:Note:If normal (high level) hard disk formatting is required, you can use DOS FDISK command to first erase and create partitions and then use FORMAT. It is also a good idea when you hard disk becomes inaccessible to see if it is just the system files that are corrupted. Most of the time, it is the case. SYS will do the job of replacing system files. Therefore, low level format is always of LAST RESORT when you encounter HDD problems.IBM(Hitachi) Low level formatWestern Digital


Bad Sectors
What is a bad sector? A bad sector is a small area on the disc drive that is reporting errors and cannot be accessed properly. New bad sectors, sometimes called grown defects, are often caused by some kind of physical damage. If a file or folder uses this sector, then the file is incomplete or corrupt because the bytes are not readable.
Bad sectors can also be reported if the signal between your drive and host adapter is being misinterpreted. Bad cables can cause this. If you are using an ATA drive made in the last few years you should use an 80-conductor cable. Any ATA product that operates above UltraATA 33 requires an 80-conductor cable for proper signal integrity. ATA cables should also be less than 18 inches in length.
Before continuing, confirm that your cable is 80-conductor, is less than 18 inches in length, and is not damaged. If your cable does not meet these requirements then replace it.
Correcting Bad SectorsSeaTools Desktop Edition can check your drive’s health to determine if any serious problems are present. If you run the long Seagate test then SeaTools desktop can reallocate any empty sectors that are bad. If the sector contains data SeaTools will let you know the sector is bad, but will not attempt to reallocate it.
If you have bad sectors that contain data there are several options available from other vendors. One such option is the disk error-checking utility built into Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
To open the error checking utility follow these steps:
Double-click My Computer, and right-click the hard disk.
On the shortcut menu, click Properties, and on the Tools tab in the Properties dialog box, click Check Now in the Error-Checking Status area.
In the Check Disk dialog box, select the Automatically Fix File System Errors check box, select the Scan For And Attempt Recovery Of Bad Sectors check box, and then click Start.
View Windows help on detecting and repairing disk errors for more information.
Steps to prevent further bad sectors.Improper handling of the drive is the most common cause for bad sectors. See our handle with care videos for more information on how to properly handle a drive.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

repair bad sectors in hard disk

HDD regenerator 1.42 allows to repair bad sectors on damaged hard disk drives without losses of existing data. it eliminates physical bad sectors. it does not hide bad sectors, it really restores them. it regenerates bad sectors by magnetic reversal. it works exclusively at physical level.

easy recovery p[rofessional for data recovery from formatted hard disk

Ontrack Data Recovery offers the industry’s highest quality and cost-effective do-it-yourself data recovery software solutions for almost any data loss situation – covering servers, desktops or laptops for all media, operating systems and file types. Ontrack’s EasyRecovery™ family of products is unmatched in its ability to recover/repair from all causes of lost data. If however, your hard drive or system is damaged or failing, or you would prefer that a professional service performs the recovery because of time constraints or the critical nature of the data, we have alternative data recovery services, please call us at 1-800-872-2599 for a free consultation

Friday, June 03, 2005


Statistics expose one lie and nail another
India is not just the world's largest democracy, it is also the world's most enthusiastic. In fact, so enthusiastic that last year voters outnumbered the voting-age population by 25 million. Obviously, that is a result of elector-registration fraud. On Thursday, this newspaper reported how in 1999 registered voters outnumbered the voting population by more than 7 percent, a figure that fell to about 4 percent during last year's Lok Sabha election. Obviously, this is an administrative problem. A state-by-state analysis of numbers shows that the infestation of ghost voters is the highest in India's worst-run states, less in better-administered ones. Unsurprisingly, Uttar Pradesh, where governance has nearly collapsed, has more than 15 million spook voters, a staggering 16 percent more than the voting population. Bihar has about four million false voters, Madhya Pradesh about 2.4 million and Rajasthan more than 1.5 million. States like Kerala and Maharashtra, which are governed better, actually have no spooks: the number of registered voters is less than the voting age population, which is as things should be. The exceptions to this rule are Haryana, traditionally assumed to be lawless, which has no ghost voters. On the other hand, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, assumed to be well-run, have plenty of them. Indians are justifiably proud of their democracy, so it would be a shame to see its copybook blotted by elector-registration fraud. The government and the Election Commission should step in with accurate and more frequent monitoring of voter registration to check this malpractice. A look at state-level numbers helps to bust a myth, propounded by communal outfits like the BJP, about politicians from India's eastern states allowing illegal Muslim migrants to pour in from Bangladesh to build a loyal vote bank of grateful immigrants. If this were true, states like Bengal, Assam and Tripura would have huge numbers of ghost voters: illegal migrants wouldn't be listed as part of the population, but would figure in voters' lists. In fact, none of these states has ghost voters. In Assam, the number of voters is 12.3 percent less than the voting age population, in Bengal 9 percent less and in Tripura about 5 percent below the population of electors. If there are illegal migrants, they're not showing up to vote. Sometimes, statistics help to nail lies